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Terrorist Attack Targets a Bus in Damascus Kills 14 and Injures 3 Others

Terrorist attack targets a bus in Damascus - Syria

A terrorist attack shook the city center of Damascus targeting a bus at the busiest President’s Bridge intersection on the Shoukry Al-Qouwatly Road at the morning peak time.

The explosion was caused by detonating 2 IEDs (improvised explosive devices) plastered on the bus, the bomb squad managed to defuse a 3rd IED.

A Syrian military spokesperson detailed in a statement:

At approximately 6:45 this morning, during the passage of a military overnight bus in the city of Damascus near the President’s bridge, the bus was targeted by a terrorist attack with two explosive devices that were previously attached to the bus, which led to the death of fourteen martyrs and a number of wounded, the engineering personnel dismantled a 3rd device that fell off from the bus after the explosion.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

US-sponsored terrorists prefer to target buses carrying soldiers on their way home when they’re mostly unarmed or in relaxed attention and disregarding the area where they carry out their explosions, they prefer to cause casualties among the civilians as well to spread panic and fear as well, rarely would the US-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists attack Syrian Army soldiers face to face, only when one of their anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide bombers would blow himself up in an armored vehicle.

The Minister of Interior in Syria vowed to ‘pursue the terrorists who committed this heinous crime wherever they are’ hinting that not only the Syrian state will defeat the terrorists inside the country, it will also go after their sponsors around the world by all means allowed by international law.

Terrorist attack targets a bus in Damascus - Syria

The escalation of terrorist attacks against the Syrian state and the Syrian people is expected after the US and its evil camp of ‘democracy and freedoms exporters’ failed to win in Syria despite the hundreds of billions of dollars they wasted and the tens of thousands of terrorists they used, even their own bombing of the country throughout the past 10.5 years in order to ‘bring up a democracy they approve’ instead of the popular president who overwhelmingly won the 2014 and 2021 elections.

All the sacrifices by the Syrian people throughout the decade of blood and fire waged against them will not go in vain now after managing to change the world’s power balance for the first time since the same US-led camp managed to dismantle the USSR 3 decades ago, these terrorist attacks will only prove how desperate and weak the empire has reached in pushing its goals and ‘the price is worth it’ for knocking off the USA as the only superpower in the global arena, it’s becoming closer now.

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  1. Arabi Souri

    The targeted bus belongs to the Military Housing Establishment and not to any combat division, to show how heinous the regimes of the USA and Britain and their stooges are.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Cheap attacks are the signs of the evil camp led by the USA. I go through this area every day twice to work and back and most of the times I use the bus stops under that bridge meters away from the explosion.

  3. Debanjan Datta

    Unless SAA take idlib completely & clear the pockets clearly where isis sleeper cell are lying this will happen. Like aleppo a whole cleaning should be done. By attacking the capital the terrorists crossed a line. Last year also i remember after trying to burn down syria’s food reserves & other plantation one such attack happened. Turkey is sponser of terrorist & usa is stealing the oil . When the draft of syrian govt is rejected recently. Time has come to end this filth. Isreal firing missiles continuously at damascus & this filth is happening. I wish to strength to syria people if they need more & strength to syrian govt to crush this. This is whar everyone of us fear will happen in our country if we dont help syria.

  4. wpslol

    But what I don’t understand is how these kamikaze vehicles get through Damascus, the terrorist front line in southern Syria should be very far apparently there are pure cells in the eastern outskirts of Damascus, because in most cases Damascus it is relatively safe.

    • Arabi Souri

      No Kamikazes, the explosives were plastered on the bus, could be anywhere under the bus or in the cabin or on the side of the bus which goes to many areas to pick the employees and the bus most likely stays with the driver and is parked in an open area near his house.
      When I was in the army we decided that all our vehicles stay in our main garage and the duty bus driver picks up the other drivers in the morning and return them to their homes in the night. Not sure if they’re doing the same now, and if they’re not then they should.


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