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Syria: Landmine Murders, Kurdish SDF Starving Syrians in Hasakah

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF armed terrorists in Hasakah - Syria - إرهابيو قوات قسد الكردية الانفصالية في الحسكة

Syria news of atrocities and ethnic cleansing persist in the twelfth year of the NATO Spring and are so normalized as to receive no coverage in the western media. On 12 April, another two Syrian girls were killed in another landmine explosion. Syrian people are on their fourth day of being starved in the armed insurrectionist SDF ethnic cleansing campaign.

The two unnamed — and un-aged — girls were walking in the village of al-Meri’iyaeh in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, Syrian. They were murdered immediately upon stepping on a landmine buried by retreating ISIS terrorists.

In the southeastern countryside of Daraa governate, in the south of Syria, child Tariq Adham Mahamid was killed by a landmine explosion, local activists reported, adding one more very heavy coffin to the massive toll of innocent human lives ended by US hegemony in a country that only exported civilization, science, and the divine religions to the whole world.

Child Tariq Adham Mahamid killed by a landmine explosion in Daraa countryside

Tuesday’s atrocious murders were preceded by a terrorist IED bombing of a vehicle in the Finance Building parking lot which caused no casualties. Five days earlier, al Qaeda terrorists had detonated an IED in the vehicle of SAA Colonel Engineer Hussam Ghayyah, who succumbed to his injuries soon after arrival at the hospital.

Syria News reminds our readers that weapons — including NATO weapons — do not fall like manna from the heavens.

The engineering/sapper units of the Syrian Arab Army continue to clear landmines and IEDs from areas of Syria liberated from al Qaeda terrorist factions. The retreated savages continue to plant them in “residential neighborhoods, agricultural lands, and roads” where the greatest damage may be inflicted on the citizenry.

These engineering units continue the hazardous work without the assistance of the UN Mine Action Service, and to date, Syria has not imported the Giant African Pouched Rat, capable of sniffing out buried explosives without detonating them.

To date, the action of the Mine Action Service has been limited to Director Agnes Marcaillou signing the Memorandum of Understanding in Damascus, Syria, on 4 July 2018, and a subsequent report to the UNSC on death and dismemberment statistics in the Levantine republic.

While the US created al Qaeda in the south and the southeast continue to slaughter Syrians with landmines and IEDs, the US created Kurdish SDF terrorists continue to engage in the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population, in the northeast area — specifically, al Hasakah city and governate, which are part of Syria.

Monday was the fourth consecutive day of the Biden regime’s SDF terrorist siege of the downtown cities of Hasakah and Qamlishi. The armed insurrectionist Kurdish separatists have again cordoned off the city, preventing deliveries of basic goods such as flour and fuel. These killers have shut down the industrial al Baath bakery, depriving citizens of both bread and employment.

Last year, these terrorists held the two Syrian cities under siege for twenty consecutive days.

As NATO-affiliated media and the United Nations continue to avert their gaze, al Qaeda terrorists continue to blow up children, and SDF terrorists continue ethnic cleansing in Syria.

Miri Wood

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