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Israel Bombs Syria again; UN Blind, Deaf, Mute

Israel bombs Syria - file photo غدوان اسرائيلي على سورية

Israel has increased its war criminal bombing of Syria. On Thursday 14 April at 23:20 Damascene time, the United States’ biggest welfare queen fired an undisclosed number of missiles over the western countryside of Damascus, most of which were intercepted by Syria’s defense system.

There were no reported casualties by this second criminal aggression in less than one week.

The US’s biggest welfare queen — which may soon be usurped by Ukraine, recently given billions courtesy of taxpayers confronted with food and housing insecurity, unprecedented in the last 90 years — perpetrated this bombing from Syria’s Golan, occupied by the military state since 1967, despite being in breach of UNSCR 242 (1967). We note that the UN, which remains deaf, dumb, and blind to Israel’s war crimes has never enforced its more than fifty-year-old resolution.

Israel propaganda media continue to report on its crimes by citing Syrian media. It generally finds a way to confirm without confirming. Describing the criminally occupied Golan as the Israeli “northern border,” one source noted that its illegals in Golan “filmed Israeli Air Force jets flying overhead.”

Israel propaganda report on its latest war crime against Syria.
Israel propaganda report on its latest war crime against Syria.

Syria News notes a glaring omission in the above sub-header: While claiming that Syrian airspace is “Russia-dominated,” Israel ignores the fact that prior to Russia’s military involvement in Syria, it signed bilateral agreements with several war criminal countries to avoid bombing each other.

This has also become a one-sided agreement, as on more than one occasion, Israel’s illegal bomber jets have hidden behind civilian aircraft to commit their cross-borders war crimes.

We remind our readers that Israel has aligned itself with al Qaeda in the Syrian Arab Republic, coming to the terrorists’ rescue on countless occasions, and even providing state of the art trauma care to ISIS in the occupied Golan, and transferring countless numbers of them into its own hospitals.

The American taxpayer subsidizes Israel, and therefore subsidizes health care for al Qaeda terrorists — even while our healthcare is cost prohibitive.

Those impatiently awaiting Syrian retaliation for the ongoing war criminal attacks by Israel must continue to be patient; Syria has not yet finished the NATO Spring war.

Miri Wood

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