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Syrian Arab Army Combing the Desert for US-sponsored ISIS Remnants

Syrian Arab Army SAA Combing the Desert for ISIS Remnants - الجيش العربي السوري يلاحق فلول داعش في صحراء البادية

The Syrian Arab Army has been scouring the open desert region of the country, the Syrian Badia, for pockets of ISIS terrorists who continue to receive support from the illegal Biden regime occupiers in Al Tanf area.

Already more than 8 military operations carried out by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies against ISIS remnants and they continue to show up heavily armed, well-fed and trained, and guided with the latest technologies, weapons, satellite communications, 4 x 4 machine gun mounted Toyota pickup trucks do not fall like manna from heavens.

Muhammad Al-Khidr of the Lebanese news outlet Al Mayadeen has more in his report:

The video is also available on YouTube, Rumble, and BitChute.


Dozens of airstrikes have targeted ISIS cells in the Syrian Badia (open desert) since the beginning of this month, a military move after monitoring ISIS cells in multiple areas and after their threat to advanced points and sites within the Badia, taking advantage of a wide range for movement in the Al-Tanf area.

Muhammad Abbas – Military Expert: The Syrian armed forces are carrying out these tasks on a continuous basis, and the real problem now is the issue of terrorist presence and the ability of these groups to keep going on, and the vitality of these groups which they possess due to the American presence, which provides them with all means of support and all means of logistical support.

The return of the organization’s activity since its defeat in Al-Abaghuz in 2019 is not new. Dozens of attacks were carried out by its cells, targeting Syrian military convoys and army and auxiliary forces points deep in the desert.

Movements within a strategy of attrition in light of the organization’s inability to control the land, and in line with a broader goal to strike the connection between Syria and Iraq.

Muhannad Al-Daher, Political Analyst: In general, what is required of ISIS activity is more exhaustion and annoyance for the Syrian state. The intent of this is a view by the Americans that the Syrian state is preoccupied with internal files, the Russian is busy with the Ukraine file, I think that it is trying as much as possible to exhaust the Syrian state by cutting the road between Iran and Syria through Iraq.

In two years, the Syrian army and its allies carried out more than 8 combing operations against ISIS cells, non-stop operations in the context of securing the main roads, especially Damascus – Deir ez-Zor, and Aleppo – Raqqa, and removing the threat of ISIS from military posts.

The flexibility of movement, logistical support, provision of supplies, and choice of targets refers to the support that ISIS cells receive in carrying out their operations, the support that Damascus has repeatedly attributed to the (illegal) American Al-Tanf base, which provided a safe haven for ISIS’s movement in large areas that are still far from being combed.

Muhammad Al-Khidr, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen

End of the transcript.

Meantime, the US regime of demented Joe Biden is leading the western world to defend the ‘sovereignty of Ukraine’ against the Russian special military operation conducted by its direct neighbor after the existential threat posed by the Ukrainian regime who wanted to join NATO and develop nuclear weapons! Western hypocrisy has no low limits.

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