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Biden Forces Air-lift Dozens of ISIS Terrorists in Northeastern Syria

US army armored vehicles and helicopter democratizing Syrian oil field

Biden forces continue to recycle ISIS terrorists from the recreational spas it runs for them in northeastern Syria to other fronts where ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ it wants to force exports to.

The latest was earlier today when two helicopters air-lifted 60 ISIS terrorists from a recreational spa run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists in the so-called ‘Navkar prison’ in the Qamishli city, the ISIS terrorists were also vaccinated, the Syrian news agency quoted local sources from the region.

ISIS terrorists from Iraq, Tunisia, and of course Saudis were among this batch of rehabilitated ISIS terrorists, the sources said adding that the airlifted group of today included the head of ISIS security in Deir Ezzor, the head of the ‘education sector’ and the head of prisons in the terrorist organization.

NATO member Turkey under the madman Erdogan and the Biden forces (formerly Trump forces) illegally deployed in southeastern Syria and the northern regions have airlifted hundreds of ISIS terrorists from Syria and many of those terrorists popped up in southern Yemen, Afghanistan, and on the Iraqi borders with Iran, Libya is another destination for these ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

ISIS terrorists in US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists SPA for Rehabilitation
ISIS recreational spa run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists
Biden forces steal Syrian oil - US Army
Biden forces democratizing Syrian oil fields

ISIS was already defeated in Syria by the Syrian Arab Army before July 2014, their remnants were removed from ‘harm’s way’ and appeared in Iraq where they were massively beefed up and sent on the killing sprees in Iraq and Syria. They emerged in Iraq just after the Iraqi government asked the US occupation forces to leave their country, and back in Syria as there was a need to establish another Kurdistan where Syria’s main agricultural land, water resources, and the largest oil and gas fields are located, ISIS terrorists do not have wings, weapons do not fall from the Heavens like Manna, and they do not have US dollars minting machines, like what the western mainstream media keeps quoting the US officials.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    ISIS, the US effective tool to democratize one community after the other, off the face of Earth, it just happens that their targets are 99.9% of the times Muslim communities who did no harm to anybody and who never asked to be ‘democratized’ themselves or their resources to be ‘democratized’ by the USA or its European minions.


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