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Landmines: Kurdish SDF & ISIS Gifts as UNMAS Remains Useless

This rat can be trained to sniff landmines.

Landmines continue to maim and mutilate Syrians throughout the Levantine republic, as the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) no longer bothers to even make mouth noises about them. On Easter Sunday, farmers in both north and south of the country were wounded or killed.

Farmers in the town of Khirbet Ghazala in the Daraa countryside sustained significant injuries when one of them stepped on a mine left behind by retreating ISIS terrorists. One of the farmers was injured in his chest, abdomen, and both legs. The other received wounds to his legs and head.

Syrians killed and dismembered by landmines buried by terrorists throughout the country, are so shamelessly commonplace a template that allows for changing time, date, and place is almost warranted.

UNMAS will not be shamed into action; Agnes Marcaillou who made a big deal about bringing her entourage to Damascus to sign an MoU in July 2018, who has not made a guest appearance at the UNSC to give her death and dismemberment statistics since October 2019, cannot be shamed — nor can SG Antonio Guterres (using diplomatic protocol, this author has brought the landmine atrocities to their attention on more than one occasion). The author will continue to call for Syria to import the Giant African pouched rats, that can be trained to sniff out landmines — and IEDs — without detonating them (surely, despite the illicit, draconian ”sanctions,” these noble animals can be brought in for real humanitarian reasons, especially as the UNSC has never voted for a sanctions regime against the Syrian Arab Republic).

Landmines continue to be a deadly problem in Syria.
Landmines continue to be a deadly problem in Syria.

There is one new addition to these fiendish atrocities: The US-created Kurdish separatist, armed insurrectionist SDF have also begun to plant landmines, as part of these terrorist gang’s attempt to ethnically cleanse northeast Syria of its indigenous population.

The SDF armed terrorists could not last a moment in Syria without the protection of the Biden regime occupation forces. It is unlikely that this cannon fodder detritus could plant landmines without the approval of the American illegal military.

The murdered and martyred by landmines Syrian in the village of al Abush in al Hasakah governate southern countryside, was a farmer, out grazing his sheep.

Syria News makes note of the fact that both the Daraa terrorists and the SDF terrorists share the support of lame duck Congressman, former bomber jet pilot and notorious Capitol Hill crybaby and fretter of domestic terror, Adam Kinzinger.

Back in June 2017, when the White Helmets and other killers were slaughtering Syrian Arab Army soldiers and mutilating their bodies, the crybaby started an anti-Syria caucus, and hashtagged Save Daraa as though being paid overtime for the job.

In December 2018, when Trump tweeted the idiotically meaningless We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency, Kinzinger wailed about a non-existent betrayal of the armed insurrectionist SDF Kurds and made the television and print media rounds.

We also note that while landmine atrocities continue unabated in the Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine Nazis have begun to plant them in family residential neighborhoods.

Miri Wood

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