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Israel Avenges Yemeni Attack on Saudi by Bombing Multiple Targets in Syria

Israel bombing against Syria - Archive image

Israel committed simultaneous war crimes against Syria, shortly after 9 p.m. Damascene time, when it bombed military posts in western Deir Ezzor and Al Sweida. Two soldiers on the front lines defending their country against terrorists supported by NATO allies were martyred and four others were injured.

The Israeli bombing was resumed later after midnight at 00:45 a.m. Damascus time by another bombing of sites in Hama countryside, central Syria.

A statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense which stated the above added that the Syrian air defense units were successful in intercepting and shooting down most of the Israeli missiles, limiting the casualties of the rest of these missiles to two Syrian Arab Army soldiers and material damages.

Targeted sites in these two waves of Israeli bombings are in Kabajep town in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor in the Syrian desert east of Syria, As Sukhnah to the southwest of Kabjep, Salkhad in the southern countryside of Sweida province south of Syria, then Salamiyeh and Sabburah in the eastern countryside of Hama, central Syria.

This map, envisioned by Syria News, showing the most plausible routes the Israeli fighter jets took to carry out their bombing in Syria with the help of Trump battalions positioned illegally in Syria in At Tanf region and in Jordan and could have taken the route from Iraq where Donald Trump maintains a large number of his troops in the country despite being asked to remove them by the Iraqi Parliament:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Israel feels it has free hands operating under the US complete protection and in full cooperation with the Trump battalions illegally occupying parts of Syria. The first aggression which targeted Deir Ezzor and Sweida used a route from the southeast of Syria from over the zone occupied and protected by the Trump battalions in Al-Tanf area, the same area where the regime of Barack Hussein Obama established the infamous Rukban Consternation camp and the embattled Trump continues to control.

Israeli bombings on the western region of Syria are usually carried out mainly from the Lebanese air space and from deep in the Mediterranean sea and mostly from behind civilian aircraft seeking to cause a catastrophe if the Syrian air defense systems fire back at the Israeli fighter jets and hitting the larger and slower objects flying, ie the civilian airplanes.

Earlier Israeli bombing this month:

It’s no secret that the increased bombings carried out by Israel under the US protection are mainly used to run away forward by both embattled Israeli Netanyahu and Donald Trump, they hope to divert attention of their people from their problems they have to handle by exporting it. Another reason is to increase the suffering of the Syrian people which is very obvious by the implementation of the unprecedented draconian Caesar Act by the regime of Donald Trump on the 17 of the current month of June and the renewal of the European Union sanctions against the Syrian people earlier this month.

US officials bragged about their ‘achievement’ in inflicting the increased suffering on the Syrian people is the outcome of their policies against Syria and to the extent the Trump representative James Jefferey said their aim is to increase the pressure on the Syrian people supporting their state to force the Syrian government into surrender to the US’s conditions.

These heinous bombings today are also linked to the successful drones and missiles attack by the Yemeni armed forces against highly sensitive Saudi military targets at predawn hours in the capital Riyadh, the financial heart of the US-led coalition against the Muslim and Arab World:

The video is also available on BitChute.

The Saudis claimed they intercepted all incoming missiles and drones and the Yemeni officials said their military operation was a complete success hitting its targets: The Saudi Ministry of Defense, Headquarters of the Saudi Intelligence, and the King Salman Airbase, all in Riyad. A spokesperson of the Yemeni government Muhammad Bukheiti said this military operation comes in retaliation to the increase in Saudi inhumane bombing on Yemen in its 6th year and the blocking of tankers carrying oil and derivatives from reaching their country.

Yemen, the poorest Arab country, is being destroyed systematically by the Arabs, and the world’s richest countries in order to secure the creation of the Greater Israel Project with no consideration to the massive suffering of the Yemeni people and the increased brutality and massacres committed against them by the Saudi-led coalition.

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