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Amb. Jaafari Commenting on the Israeli Bombing near Aleppo

image-Jaafari at UNSC - Israel and Terror are two sides of same coin

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari in his reply to journalists questions highlighted what he called the ‘degradation of Israel and its protector the US to the International Law and the United Nations Security Council itself’, in reference to the Trump’s proclamation granting the Occupied Syrian Golan which he doesn’t own to who doesn’t deserve the Israeli occupying forces, and the bombing carried out by Israel of warehouses near the city of Aleppo, north of Syria, at the same time the UNSC meeting started.

Video credit Ruptly / RT

Transcript of the ambassador’s comments:

The point is not about the missiles we shot down, the point is about the Israeli attack taking place at the same time we started the session of the Security Council to discuss, upon our request, the situation prevailing in the Syrian occupied Golan in light of the declaration by President Trump with regards to the Syrian occupied Golan.

That was the main point which motivated me, mainly speaking, to speak up about this incident at the beginning of my statement.
Regardless of the target, the main point is that it’s an insult to the so-called international legitimacy represented by the Security Council. It’s an Israeli insult protected by another American insult happening the same day.

We called for a meeting of the Security Council to explain the dangerous implications and impacts of the American behaviour or misbehaviour. Incidentally, paradoxically, incredibly, as the American say, the Israelis choose to attack at the same time we were discussing the American insult to the international law as well as to the Security Council.

This, in itself, reveals how serious the degradation of the legal environment at the Security Council is, it’s really a pitiful situation.
The Non-Aligned Movement which represents 120 member states issued yesterday a very clear-cut-message statement refusing the American declaration and condemning the American declaration.

So, we have 120 member states behind us, plus, of course, including the Arab states, including 14 out of 15 members in the Security Council supported our point of view, and supported the legal references represented by the Security Council resolutions 242, 338, and 497.

We are not isolated, the Americans are isolated, the Israelis are isolated, we are not isolated.

End of Transcript

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