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Trump Beat War Drums for the Golan Heights


At times when wise leaders are needed to defuse the growing world’s conflicts, we have Trump.

Donald Trump tweeted what he was instructed to tweet by Netanyahu and what was expected from someone who could be easily played by his own foes:

Trump Deadliest Tweet about Golan Heights
Trump Deadliest Tweet about Golan Heights

As if people’s rights ever die by time!

I’ll not walk you through the illegality and worthlessness of this tweet or the decision if it follows through, it’s just one more of the US stunts that would back fire very bad on the US, its ignorant people, and their allies. There will be plenty of writers who will remind that first you can’t grant others what you don’t own, Palestinians are still suffering from this since 1917, so are the Israelis, the US slave taxpayers and others, and second the whole world is against such a move, being arrogant doesn’t make others agree with you, it only exposes you.

Whatever the motive was to steal the Golan Heights oil by Gene company owned by no else than Dick Cheney and his clan, or to keep a base for future expansions setting the stage for the emerging of the anti-Christ, whatever the Zionists believe in, nothing is in the favor of the US nor any of its citizens, except maybe those with dual citizenship with the first one Israel and the second the USA.

What I’ll just remind you that there’s another side that is ready to defend their land and fight to restore it since now you’re giving them the reason for it, which the US ‘strategists’ when planning do not see, thus fall in failures after failures.

Syria has warned Israel, and the US behind it, that it’s ready to go to war over the Golan Heights. Israel and the US behind it think a few hundred US troops are enough to stop Syria, they never learn from history.

Previously, Israel (read: all of NATO on its back) would fight all its wars on its foes lands, not anymore, the upcoming war will be fought to clean the land from Zionists and fix decades of mistakes and finally bring peace and just to our region.

Here’s an example of what would happen if Israel would go to war with Hezbollah only: Next Israeli War with Hezbollah.

What the US and its cronies see as assets, ie their hundreds of troops in military bases across the region, are seen by the regional powers as US liabilities in those same military bases. All the US military bases are surrounded by hostile forces and are cut-off. You can’t win a war remotely, you might cause some damage.

Talking about causing damage, I am sure Syria can take some more damage, it’s not an issue to it, it proved to be resilient and on a very long period, already 8 years passed fighting half a million suicide terrorist on hundreds of fronts and winning each time.

How much damage can Israel, the US, and their protectorates in the region sustain in the upcoming battle?

Just today we shared a video on our Facebook page showing US daddies and mommies in uniform returning to embrace their children in warm memories and we attached this message to it:

Show this to Donald Trump and tell him to withdraw the last 400 troops from Syria immediately and unite them with their families instead of creating hundreds of orphans for the sake of Israel.
US Uniformed Daddies and Mommies Coming back to their Children

And please, US citizens, never ask again the stupid old question: ‘Why do they hate us’? And some morons on TV would reply: ‘Because of our freedoms’. It’s because you’re criminals and elected criminals FREELY and DEMOCRATICALLY to wage these wars by your name, on your behalf with your funding.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, we did.

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