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SAA Eliminates Terrorist Groups in Hama Countryside

SAA Syrian Arab Army - Idlib - Hama - Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army SAA targeted a number of terrorist groups and inflicted heavy losses in their ranks in the northern countryside of Hama, central Syria.

Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups have violated the Idlib de-escalation agreement signed by Russia, Iran, and Turkey which also committed itself to unarm and dismantle these terrorist groups in order to free up to 3 million Syrians in Idlib province from terrorists.

Turkey’s regime has failed its commitment, not surprisingly, continuously and allowed the terrorists to target the secured cities and towns within their fire range.

Among the terrorist groups is the Erdogan’s favorite ‘Turkistan Islamist Party’, a group of anti-Islamic Wahhabi radicalized terrorists brought from East Asia and promised the Heavens by Erdogan.

The SAA targeted a gathering of the Turkistan Islamist Party after spotting them attempting to sneak into the villages in Jisr Bait Ras area, northern Hama countryside.

The terrorists sustained heavy losses in personnel, in vehicles, and in munition in this confrontation.

Earlier, the SAA also destroyed Nusra Front gatherings of their terrorists and their vehicles in the outskirts of Tal Sakhr and Jbeisat villages in the same area.

Terrorists from a mixture of groups also were targeted by the SAA with direct shelling which eliminated a number of them in the towns of Shreya and Tal Sakhr in northern Hama countryside and in the outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun city and Khwein town in Idlib’s southern countryside.

Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army units operating in the Hama province to secure the towns which were cleaned earlier from NATO-sponsored terrorists confronted a number of terrorist groups while trying to infiltrate the villages from their positions in al-Llatamneh town.

Erdogan’s failure to honor his own commitment is not new as one of the main causes of the Syrian crisis and its longevity is his dream of becoming a Caliph, which he had turned his country Turkey from a secular state to a hub for all sorts of radicalized terrorists imported from all sides of the planet, trained, armed, and sent into Syria to destroy the last secular state in the whole region.

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