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Jaafari at UNSC: Israel and Terror are Two Sides of the Same Coin

image-Jaafari at UNSC - Israel and Terror are two sides of same coin

“Israel and Terror are two sides of the same coin” – Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari defaces the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ at the United Nations Security Council reminding all members of the real focus of the meeting which Western members and their regional stooges try to sway it away from discussing the Israeli occupation of Arab lands, the root of all evil terror in the Middle East.

20 April 2017 – New York, United Nations Security Council

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Text of Dr. Bashar Jaafari statement:

For several years now, we have been warning the members of the Security Council about the seriousness of the destructive approach to modifying the content of and references to agenda item pertaining to the Middle East. That approach seeks to sway us from our main objectives and to remove the real content of the agenda item, which is the question of the occupation by Israel of Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese territories and its ongoing violations of the various Security Council resolutions calling for it to withdraw from the occupied Arab territories, in accordance with the 4 June 1967 borders.

Nonetheless, of particular concern and abhorrence is the fact that the representative of the Secretariat is again heading down that very path, pointedly overstepping the bounds of his mandate and deliberately neglecting to speak about the situation in the occupied Syrian Golan. The question of the Syrian Golan is at the very core of the agenda item and a key part of Mr. Mladenov’s mandate as Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process.

We have pointed out to Mr. Mladenov on several occasions the seriousness of this approach to briefing the Security Council and his failure to address the situation in the occupied Syrian Golan.

My country stresses its intransigent position in support of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to establish an independent State that encompasses its entire territory, with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as the right of return of Palestinian refugees, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 194 (III/ 1948).

The continued, dubious silence of the Security Council with regard to Israeli policies and practices has encouraged Israel to pursue its policy of occupation and colonization.

It has also encouraged Israel to violate the Disengagement of Forces Agreement and Security Council resolutions pertaining to the Golan, especially those related to combating terrorism. Moreover, it has encouraged Israel to lend all kinds of support to armed terrorist groups in the disengagement area in the occupied Syrian Golan, including to terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front, an entity that the Council considers to be a terrorist organization and that receives assistance from Israel in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In addition, Israel facilitates crossing by Al-Nusra Front terrorists across the ceasefire line, treats them at Israeli hospitals and returns them to Syrian territory to resume their terrorist acts. The Qatari regime finances these malicious acts. Israel has not only supported this group, but has also launched several air-strikes, in flagrant violation of Syrian sovereignty and the Disengagement of Forces Agreement, in order to support such terrorist groups. Israel attacked Syria on 17 March in Tadmor (Palmyra) in support of the ISIS (Da’esh) terrorist group, which was present there at the time.

Such events illustrate that Israel and terrorism are two sides of the same coin.

When we state that Israel and terrorism are essentially two sides of the same coin, we are talking about a long history of Zionist terrorism, which is essentially based on a foundation of extremism and intolerance. Its goal is to kill others, displace them and violate their rights. It is based on a false myth of a religious State that is illusory and has not been accepted under any international laws and norms. It is a State that does not respect freedom, equality or justice.

When the representative of the Israeli occupation asks about root causes of terrorism and bloodshed in the Middle East, we offer facts and evidence to him and others who deliberately take exploit this forum to distort facts and distract us from addressing the real threats facing our region. An entity that occupies territories and makes people refugees cannot claim to be democratic or to adhere to human values. Its representatives cannot speak about chaos and weapons of mass destruction.

The entity itself continues to distort history by pilfering territories, building settlements and carrying out massacres against the Arab peoples who live under its occupation. It is the only party that possesses an arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and that is protected by permanent members of the Security Council that have even repeatedly rejected any initiative to create a nuclear-free-weapon zone in the Middle East.

The world cannot ignore the fact that the entity was established on the basis of the Balfour Declaration, which has had a serious impact on the history of humankind by allowing, for the first time in history, the establishment of a racist entity that excludes others and is based on an extremist religious ideology, which makes it no different from ISIS (Da’esh) and even worse.

This entity enjoys the support of permanent members of the Council that claim to seek peace and the realization of peoples’ interest and rights, yet still support the worst occupation humankind has ever witnessed.

We reiterate Syria’s sovereignty over the occupied Syrian Golan, in line with the 4 June 1967 borders. That right is not debatable; it is an inalienable right on which there can be no compromise. Our occupied territory and usurped right must be restored and returned to their legitimate owners.

Settlers must leave our territory in the Golan, sooner or later.

Syrian authorities demand that pressure be exercised on Israel, the occupying Power, to immediately release the Syrian Sudqi Almaqt, who is referred to as Syria’s Mandela, and Amal Abu Saleh. Both have been imprisoned in Israel simply for taking photographs that prove that the Israel, the occupying Power, cooperates with the Al-Nusra Front in the occupied Syrian Golan. Such photographs were taken at the gates of the the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, whose forces are deployed throughout the Golan. That is why those two Syrians were arrested by Israel.

— End of Dr. Bashar Jaafari statement at the UNSC

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