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Maaloula Receives Bodies of 5 Christian Martyrs Killed in Lebanon by Nusra Front

image-Maaloula Receives Bodies 5 Christian Martyrs Killed in Lebanon by Nusra Front

Syria – Lebanon Borders, Damascus Countryside, Tuesday, April 25, 2017- Lebanese authorities returned the remains of 5 Syrian Christian citizens from Maaloula found across the borders.

The martyrs from Maloula, the predominantly Christian city in Damascus Countryside, were kidnapped by the US-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’ before they converted into ‘Nusra Front’ upon raiding their city in 2013.

Marks of torture appeared were obvious on the bodies of the 5 men who were buried hastily on the Lebanese side of the Qalamon Mountain across the borders from Maloula.

Syrian officials received the bodies in a majestic procession, among them were the Governor, Police chief of Damascus Countryside and both Christian and Muslim leading clergy in the region.

The 5 martyrs were walked throughout the city, prayed for peace for their souls in the city’s main church before buried in the city’s cemetery.

No condemnation words are enough to condemn the blatant criminal support the US regimes of both Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Joseph Trump to these fake ‘rebels’ or ‘armed opposition’, whom never left an opportunity to prove their criminality with their ultra horrific crimes against humanity. Former French president Sarkozy called on Christians in the Levant to move to France, get uprooted from their ancient roots and handover the Levant to the filthiest filths his country and other Western and regional countries sponsor to pave the way for a religious state for the Jews in occupied Palestine. The plot is very clear, but Syrians of all faiths stood up against it, fought it back and now winning the unwinnable war against the coalition of hyenas and ‘humanitarian bastards’.

Just like how Maaloula stood up over the centuries and resisted all invaders and occupiers, the Syrians will remain steadfast and will bring back sanity to the world we are living in, following the footsteps of their early fathers in teaching the world the Alphabet and civilization.

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