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US-Led Coalition Murders 15 Civilians in a New Bombing in Hajin

US Led Coalition Firepower to Slaughter Civilians and Protect ISIS

The illegal US-led coalition has murdered an additional 15 civilians in its recent bombing of the town of Hajin, Der Ezzor, East of Syria.

Syria’s official news agency SANA reported the latest crime against humanity by the US and its allies reported the bombing at 7 pm local time Damascus.

SANA’s report is based on testimonies by local residents and by media sources.

Under the guise of fighting ISIS, the US and its cronies, are trying to establish a de facto barrier on the Syrian – Iraqi borders which is run by ISIS and SDF, who both receive support from the US and both have occasional clashes in between.

Blocking the Tehran – Baghdad – Damascus – Beirut land route is the US regime’s top priority, at any cost, including the slaughtering of civilians in their continuous nonstop targeting of the region. The US officials think ‘the price is worth it’.

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