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Jordan Rejecting Entry of Syrian Produce through Nassib Border Crossing

Nassib Border Crossing - Syria - Jordan

If reports coming are true, the Syrian state should react against Jordan where the CIA’s whole country sub-station aka Jordan pains much, water, economic squeeze, and stopping any security exchange.

Syrian produces have been prevented entry into Jordanian markets since the Nassib Border Crossing was reopened last month.

14 Syrian trucks loaded with apples and grapes were rejected entry into Jordan citing ‘procedures violations’. Two of the most needed items in the Jordanian markets due to their low prices and highest qualities.

The Jordanian authorities didn’t elaborate on what were the ‘procedures violations’ the convoy committed, they didn’t state whether any plantation quarantine rules, nor whether any infections in the produce.

The Nassib Border Crossing is a lifeline reopened for the Syrian farmers and industrialists, especially after the long years of difficulties due to Western ‘War of Terror’ to effect a Regime Change in Syria. The Jordanian regime is doing a very big harm to their image in the Syrian collective memory that would need ages to forget.

Just like what the Saudi-owned Lebanese government did early last year when the Syrian authorities fulfilled their obligation in a mutual agricultural agreement in allowing the Lebanese produce into Syria, and when it was Syrian produce time to enter Lebanese markets they were prevented to enter Lebanese markets causing severe losses to the Syrian farmers.

Whenever they have to act on strategic levels, the US-protectorates and its dependent regimes will only choose what is in favor of their masters against the interests and wellbeing of their own people.

It’s about time Syria stops acting the mother of the other Arabs when all the ‘children’ worked hard on all aspects to harm their mother, it’s about time to show some teeth.

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