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Golan Heights Residents on Public Strike after Clashes with Zionists

Syria Golan Heights Peaceful Sit-in Against Israel Elections

The Syrian people under the illegal Israeli occupation in the Golan Heights are on strike today after yesterday’s confrontations with Israeli terrorists.

5 decades of non-stop intimidation and enticement didn’t work on the proud Syrians living in the occupied Golan Heights who refused to leave their towns and villages after the 1967 war.

The Zionist regime in their latest attempts to legalize its occupation by running local administration elections under its supervision, which was faced by the most civilized sit-in in front of the designated elections poll station.

Syrian women and men in the sit-ins voiced their rejection to any of the Israeli attempts to enforce their administration system over the residents of the Golan Heights.

Surely and not long after, herds of Zionist terrorists in uniforms attacked the peaceful protesters with tear gas canisters, and fiercely beating a number of them and kidnapping 3 among which is an elder highly respected Druze cleric.

The last 5 of the 15 registered candidates withdrew their names from the elections competition to the Israeli run local administration based on the public uproar.

A little over 20,000 Syrians under the Israeli occupation remained in their towns after the Jewish terrorists forced over 131,000 to leave their land and were displaced to different Syrian cities, most of whom live in Damascus and its suburbs.

Syria rejects to recognize Israel as a state before the complete withdrawal from all land occupied in the June 1967 war, and the return of all displaced Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians to their homelands.

The Syrian government buys all of the agriculture produce of the Golan Heights residents, whom in turn refuse to sell it to Israel, and grants their students studying scholarships in the Syrian universities. This was majorly disrupted during the past few years when Israel supported ISIS and other al-Qaeda terrorist groups on the liberated side of the Golan Heights.

Israel is a signatory to the Geneva Accords while continuing to break all of the laws regarding occupation of the Syrian Golan

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