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Istanbul Quadripartite Summit about Syria, So?

Istanbul Quadripartite Summit Syria - Russia Putin France Macron Germany Merkel Turkey Erdogan

Yesterday, 27th of October, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with Turkey’s dictator Erdogan, France’s Macron, and German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Istanbul to discuss the Syrian crisis, without Syria.

Nothing new in the summit, it would be better described as a ‘Deaf Dialogue‘, at least based on the statements we heard at the end of the summit.

Since Syria is not a party to a summit discussing Syria’s future, not much should be expected from such meetings, even though the Russian party tries to act as a guarantor for the rights of Syria, and all the delegates spoke of their commitment to the sovereignty and integrity of Syria, which they breached when they met to discuss Syria’s future in the first place.

Each of the parties repeated their same views they usually state in regards to Syria, covering their talks with sweet humanitarian talks and the need to respect the international law.

Erdogan, as usual, cried about the 3.5 million Syrian refugees his country is sheltering, and the almost 1 million killed in Syria. Figures highly inflated to serve in his milking of Europe, he can’t milk the US as they master milking others, and to demonize the Syrian state.

In his statement, Erdogan mentioned that people of Aleppo fled their homes out of fear of the Syrian state’s retaliation to ‘peaceful protests’, while a million residents of Aleppo and its countryside were able to return to their homes only after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned Aleppo from Erdogan’s terrorists.

If the Turks have a very short memory, we have a very long and precise one. Aleppo was completely with its state and it was the last city to witness any riots. Its people started fleeing when Erdogan’s terrorists invaded its countryside coming through the borders with Turkey, then invaded the city, the first attempt they failed and had to bring tens of thousands of more terrorists to invade it again 6 months later. Erdogan’s terrorists throwing post office workers off the Al-Bab’s 4 floors Post Office building and the execution of the elders of Birri family cannot be removed from our memory.

French Macron might have eased his language slightly about the Syrian leadership, but his country’s acts against Syria, its people, and its leadership have never slowed down on any scale: militarily, intelligence, financial, nor humanitarian. France boycott Syria diplomatically and his predecessors committed the worse mistake against their own people when their security agencies cut its ties with its Syrian counterparts. Hundreds of French terrorists operate in Syria with ISIS, Nusra Front, and other terrorist groups and terror attacks in a number of cities inside France were an expected result of not accepting the Syrian security agencies free gifts in offering warnings about imminent attacks, this mistake was never fixed.

German Merkel didn’t change her policy against Syria, the Germans are the silent soldiers in the War of Terror waged against Syria. The stealing of Syrian refugees brains and skills is unforgivable, its aiding of terrorists and ignoring the threats of German citizens among the ranks of terrorist groups in Syria is a sin Germany is paying for and will pay for much more.

Both Western leaders in this summit, Macron and Merkel, failed to comment about the sanctions and blockade they forced the European Union to impose on Syria, even when Russian Putin spoke about it. They’re insisting to achieve their desired change in Syria before lifting the sanction or contributing in the reconstruction of Syria is mere blackmail, something the West consider moral. The Syrian leadership made it much easier for them that we will not accept efforts from countries that worked to destroy Syria, they should consider raising money to compensate for their crimes against Syria and to forget the reconstruction of their victim country. Mr. Putin should also be reminded of this.

President Assad: First of all, they (the countries that waged war on Syria) do not want to rebuild Syria, but some companies in those countries, if they see that the wheel of the economy and rebuilding has started to turn, and since they are opportunists, they are certainly prepared to come and have a share of rebuilding Syria in order to make money. The Syrian people will certainly not accept this. All the states which stood against the Syrian people and took part in the destruction and sabotage will never take part in rebuilding Syria. That is final. (President al Assad Interview with Telesur)

Those who think the West cares at all about the residents of Idlib should ask themselves whether Yemenis worth any concern by these Westerners? Or do these Western leaders care at all about the people of Idlib having to live under the filthiest filth of the planet?

Note how they inflate the number of civilians in Idlib to 3 million and deflate the number of terrorists to a few tens of thousands!! You can divide the residents’ number by 3 and multiply the number of terrorists by 3, and these are just the foreign armed men among the groups the West listed as terrorist groups like Nusra Front and Nour Eddin Zinki, for instance.

The summit at Istanbul was more to show support for Erdogan than to Syria or the Syrian people. Erdogan who needs to clean his horrible image as an oppressor, especially against journalists in his country, want to stand up among world leaders and get a boost in the case of the killing of Saudi former terrorist Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul itself.

Erdogan cried also for money and claimed his country spent billions of dollars on the Syrian refugees, but failed to mention how many billions Turkey made from stealing Aleppo’s factories, destroying any Syrian industrial and farming competition to his country’s, and pumping the Syrian oil extracted by ISIS through his country and selling it to Israel, among other partners in crime he had.

أردوغان اللص
Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief.

The Ottoman Caliph wannabe Erdogan also didn’t mention how much he received from Qatar, Saudi and other Gulfies for his work against Syria. The figures are astronomical.

Erdogan Delivering FSA

The quadripartite summit in Istanbul was needed as well by the ‘Small Group’ at the United Nations, the group of countries working against the Syrian state, to show support to the UN’s special envoy Stefan De Mistura who was slapped with some harsh lessons on Syria’s sovereignty in his recent meeting with the Syrian minister of foreign affairs in Damascus.

Mr. De Mistura failed to get the required support he was hoping to form the Syrian Constitutional Committee’s 3rd list which consists the Western NGO’s whose goal is to destroy the Syrian community from within and liberalize it from its morals in order to penetrate it later and achieve by politics what they failed to achieve by terror.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria and the self-proclaimed ‘international community’ keeps repeating that the solution is political and not military, and since the very first days of the crisis in Syria we kept repeating the solution in Syria is first and foremost a military solution then after liberating and cleaning all of Syria from foreign occupiers, terrorists, and states, then Syrians by themselves would work on a political change.

A summit about Syria, if it doesn’t have Syria as the main member and decision maker in it, would yield nothing except what the Syrians want, even if Syria’s ally Russia or Iran or both offer something else. Previous attempts by the Russians to enforce a constitution for Syria, or by the Iranians to push the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization down the throats of the Syrian people failed miserably and with embarrassment to both.

Do you want to talk about the future of Syria? Go to Damascus and ask the Syrian people and the Syrian leadership what they want and see how you can help them in that.



The Small American Group on Syria consists of the P3 mafiosi and their rabid Gulfies and Levantine underlings. In early 2018, a diplomatic telegram was leaked, exposing their dirty, rotten, illicit plot against the SAR.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Talking and deciding on behalf of other people, making decisions in violation of the sovereignity and self-determination of foreign peoples, is nothing else but colonialism. Colonialis and imperialism are the roots of western civilization. It is a shame, but already a known fact, that Putin is selling his “partner” in Damascus to the greedy genocidal western terrorists (of whom Merkel is the most vile!). I just wonder how we, the peple in the west, would feel if, let’s say, North Korea and Greenland, would claim to be authorised to decide on how people in Hamburg, London, Naples, Porto, Amsterdam, Brussels or Warsaw have to live. Unfortunatly, the education of most westerners is so very europe-centered that they never risk to fall for such vice-versa-perspective – and, thus, change their minds about how to deal with foreign, sovereign nations.


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