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Israel Bombs a Syrian Army Air Defense Post in Quneitra

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Israel commits new aggression against the Syrian Arab Army when its IDF terrorist organization bombed an air defense post of the SAA in Quneitra Monday late evening.

The IDF terrorist organization has been in direct cooperation with Al-Qaeda and its affiliates during the past 8 years of the War Of Terror waged by the USA and its cronies against the last secular state in the region.

This latest aggression, a breach of international law especially using the illegally occupied Syrian Golan as their launch base, falls in the line of Western Regime Change plot against Syria.

SANA, the Syrian News Agency, conveyed a military source statement:

“At exactly 21:10 hour the Israeli enemy targeted one of our military posts east of Khan Arnabeh, the aggression resulted with one martyrdom and the injury of another.”

Local sources reported that Israel targeted the SAA military post with a surface-to-surface missile after its drones tried to infiltrate the Syrian air space, again from the Syrian illegally occupied Golan. The Israeli drone was confronted with the outdated Russian air defense systems which missed both the drone and the ensuing attack.

“The incapability of Russian air defense systems are proven once again, Syria should have serious talks with China or develop its own air defense systems with Iran, or without it.” ~Arabi Souri replying to RT which also reported the aggression.

Don’t expect any condemnation from the United Nations, Israel is already the most condemned entity there unless the SAA retaliates with a similar missile against an IDF terrorist post.

Latest confessions from within Israel in its local media and by the IDF terrorist commanders themselves prove beyond any doubt that the US-protectorate of the anti-Semitic Zionist entity has worked closely with Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, arming them, supplying them with logistics and state of the art medical treatment, and both parties sharing intelligence information on Syrian targets.

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  1. Stan Squires

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that the most recent attack on the Syrian Army in Southern Syria is a serious aggression against Syria.Israel is an enemy of Syria,Iran and Palestine.If it wasn’t for the Yankee Gov’t and its allies supporting Israel, Apartheid Israel would have been defeated long ago.Death to Israel.


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