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SAA Units Discover a 20 Meters Depth Tunnel in Hama Countryside

SAA Units Discover a 20 Meters Depth Tunnel in Qalaat Al-Madiq - Hama Countryside

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) engineering units combing the town of Qalaat Al-Madiq discovered a tunnel with depth up to 20 meters underground used by the terrorist groups.

SAA Engineering Corps comb each newly liberated area to clean it from landmines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), these explosives are always planted by the terrorists before their fleeing to harm as much as they can civilians even after they flee the area, and many civilians were killed and maimed with these explosives when they anxiously rush to their houses which are not yet declared secure.

The tunnel was fortified to provide shelter for the terrorist groups from air raids, it contains special quarters for torturing kidnapped Syrian citizens, other rooms used by commanders of the terrorists, some several tiny rooms used as solitary prison cells.

Watch this video report on the tunnel by SANA:

Video also available on BitChute:

Qalaat Al-Madiq town and its historic citadel were recently cleaned by the Syrian Arab Army from US-sponsored Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant – HTS) terrorist groups and its affiliates.

Some rooms were used to store the weapons and munition Al-Qaeda terrorists received from their NATO sponsors, namely the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood pariah Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey.

The US’s Regime Changing tools resorted to tunnels very effectively since the early days of the Syrian crisis, no thanks in part of that to the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas which prioritized its loyalty to its Muslim Brotherhood leadership over its national duties.

From Darayya to Douma in Damascus southern and northern countrysides, to Aleppo, to Homs, to Hama, to Daraa, all over the country a massive tunneling network were dug by the terrorist organization and used to infiltrate the residential neighborhoods from underground, also to transfer weapons, personnel, carry out kidnappings and other crimes against the Syrian people.

One of the advanced boring machines used by the terrorists to dig the tunnels was displayed in a museum in Moscow which was visited by Russian President Putin. Other tunnels were dug by kidnapped Syrian civilians including children and women who told of their horrific suffering given small pieces of bread each day as full meals based on their work in digging the tunnels.

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