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More Terrorists Weapons Found by SAA Combing Kirkat Village – Hama

More Weapons and Munition Left Behind by Terrorists Found in Kirkat Village - Hama Northwest Countryside

After cleaning the village of Kirkat in the northwest countryside of Hama, a Syrian Arab Army unit combing the village discovered a stache of weapons left behind by the terrorists.

The discovery includes weapons, munition, and projectiles of different kinds. The terrorists of Nura Front aka Al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS enjoy generous support by the USA and its cronies in NATO and its allies.

Video report by SANA:

Video also available on BitChute:

Kirkat village was recently cleaned from US-sponsored ‘Regime Changing Tools’ during the ongoing military operation by the Syrian Arab Army to secure the provinces of Hama and Latakia, and to free up to 3 million Syrian civilians held hostages by Nusra Front and its affiliated terrorist groups.

Engineering Unit of the Syrian Arab Army issues almost daily statements informing local residents of its tasks to destroy the excesses of weapons found all over the country.

Can the US taxpayers call on their government to provide Al-Qaeda with weapons compatible with the ones used by the Syrian Arab Army? In that case, the SAA would store these weapons when unearthing them in the towns cleaned from terrorists and doesn’t need to destroy them, a risky sensitive tedious task which also produces a large sound of the explosion when carried out.

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