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Syria: No to Restore Any Relations with Hamas

Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh endorsing Al-Qaeda FSA in Syria

After days of fake news and rumors on social media sites about a possible restoration of the relationship with Hamas, a Syrian official source refuted all such news insisting on the Syrian principal standing in this regards.

‘There is no truth to what is being circulated and statements published about the restoration of any relationship with Hamas’ The Syrian official media source told Syria’s National News Agency SANA.

‘Those whom the Syrian people have cast out at the beginning of the war on Syria will remain cast out’ the source added.

The Syrian official media source reminded that the earlier relationship with the Palestinian movement was based on their declared stance being a resistance movement against Israel, however, ‘the Muslim Brotherhood blood in the movement’s veins have proven to be dominant in the movement which have worked in line with the same plot that Israel have plotted for it.’

Hamas was targeted by almost all countries in the region and all other Palestinian factions until they started facing the Israeli aggressors which assassinated its elderly wheelchair-bound crippled founder Ahmad Yassin and his successor Rantissi, poisoned and tried to kill its next leader Khaled Misha’al.

When the movement declared its goal is to liberate the Palestinian land from the Israeli occupation, it was welcomed in Syria by the Syrian leadership despite the objection of some other Palestinian factions operating in the country. Syria’s leadership’s stance is principled: We support those who fight for the restoration of the Palestinian rights. Hamas based its headquarters in Damascus, enjoyed optimum support from the Syrian state that other factions envied for until the start of the War Of Terror the USA and its cronies and stooges waged against Syria, that’s when Hamas showed its real alliance.

Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand
Hamas Biting the Syrian Hand

Being part of the global Muslim Brotherhood organization, the movement followed the instructions of its global head the fake Caliph-wannabe Turkish Erdogan, who is a tool in the hands of Zionism making the movement a sub-tool in the hands of Zionism.

Hamas facilitated the invasion and destruction of Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees south of Damascus by Al-Qaeda (FSA) terrorists including members of ISIS, almost had the legendary chief of the PFLP-GC Ahmad Jibril and his first deputy killed inside the camp, and lend their tunneling experts to other Al-Qaeda FSA factions including Jaysh Al-Islam which was in control of Duma.

What Hamas and its FSA Nusra Front and ISIS affiliates did to Yarmouk Camp south of Damascus
What Hamas and its FSA Nusra Front and ISIS affiliates did to Yarmouk Camp south of Damascus

The chief of Hamas moved to Qatar, out of all other destinations in the world, and from his base there next to the US largest military base in the MENA region, directed the continuous treachery by his movement against his own brethren and against Syria. It’s widely acknowledged among the Palestinian movements that the Politbureau of Hamas is in charge of a large purge against the militant commanders in its Al- Qassam Brigades, including their own former minister of interior Saed Siyam.

Some Syrian analyst and former officials advocated for the restoration of the ties with Hamas taking in consideration the latest changes in its leadership, especially after some rumors of meetings between Hamas officials and the head of Syrian state security General Ali Mamlouk and the advisor of the Syrian presidency Boutheina Shaaban, however, the rumors, were faced fiercely on social media among Syrian activists with an uproar, including yours truly. This official refute is enough to cool down all the hype in the past few days.

Late President Hafez Assad exposes the Muslim Brotherhood after 6 years of fierce terrorist war they waged against the Syrian state ending in 1982

In my below tweet a couple of days ago, one day before the Syrian official media source statement, I said: “Hamas will not return to Syria because the Syrian people and the Palestinian refugees in Syria have discovered its reality, and we have all paid a hefty price for this discovery. Who is calling for their return (Hamas to Syria) should tell us what is the guarantee they will not revert to their Muslim Brotherhood roots again? Their decision is associated with their chief Rabbi Erdogan.”

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