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Residents of Tadmor (Palmyra) Start Returning to their Homes

Dozens of families return to their homes in Tadmor Palmyra

Tadmor (Palmyra) June 09, 2019 – After years of forced displacement inside the country and abroad, dozens of families started returning to their city after the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned the city from US-sponsored ISIS and its affiliates.

Al-Manar TV, banned in most western countries because they respect freedom of speech, had this report from the city of Tadmor and interviewed a number of the residents, we added the English subtitles:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the above video:

It’s the first return of the residents of Tadmor (Palmyra) city in eastern Homs countryside after liberating it from the ISIS terror.
Dozens of families arrived in the ‘Desert Bride’ by buses provided by the Syrian state, they carry with them their hopes and wishes to settle again in their city after the terror distanced them from it for a long time.

One of the returned residents said: ‘The people are happy today to return thanks to the Syrian Arab Army’s efforts in liberating it and making it a secure area inside the city and surrounding it, and the people naturally, all people wish to return, however, slowly in God’s will.’

‘This is the first time we return to the city, and in God’s will we can settle back in our homes and to restore life to the historical Tadmor city’ another resident added.

One of the ladies who returned said: ‘I hope those outside the city to return and see again the soil of their city how it is and may God bring them back safe and in good health.’

The authorities have restored the essentials in the city to receive the families returning to their homes and their businesses.

Hani Daas, Tadmor’s Mayor said: ‘Today, there are about 200 persons who returned to the city of Tadmor, and these numbers will increase in the coming days, tomorrow there are 200 more persons to return to the city of Tadmor.’

The return of the residents will be in consecutive stages as houses will be repaired and prepared for those wishing to settle in the city which they fled from the Takfiri terror. But now the city and its countryside are secure and it’s ready to receive its people and to restore the historical and economic role it’s known for throughout its prominent history.

End of the transcript.

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