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Turkey, the American Trap for Russia

Turkey is US's trap for Russia - Putin and Erdogan

It seems we’re not the only ones seeing the level of low-level hypocrite Erdogan of Turkey is; pragmatism in politics is something, and politics without principle is something completely different. Just like who would trust the USA in the future in any treatment, even if the USA signs the treatment and oblige itself in front of the whole world, who would trust Turkey after today?

Reezan Heddo, a Syrian Kurdish politician and author wrote this following piece published by Al-Mayadeen Lebanese news channel, a media outlet close to Hezbollah, Iran and to Syria, i.e. The Axis of Resistance:

September 30, 2015, Russia interfered with its military capabilities directly in the war in Syria, the intervention that hampered the planned American project for Syria and upset the scales. The Syrian state and its allies began to restore the initiative on the ground and approached the resolution of the battle, thus the USA leaving empty-handed.

The American mentality created a quick plan to set a trap for Russia in Syria to make it lose part of its gains. The American trap was based on the idea of ​​”beating your enemy where he thinks he hit you,” and on the ground, distancing Russia away from the interests of its allies, thinking at the same time it’s breaking the USA by distancing it from Turkey…

In order for the plan to be tight and complete, there must be steps and events that serve as a bait luring Russia to fall in the trap:

First: “Turkey witnessing a coup attempt is not an exception, but the exception was in two things:

  1. The coup d’état of July 15 was a ‘failed’ coup after a series of successful coup attempts in Turkey from the 1960 coup to the coup d’état of 1970 and 1980 to the post-modern 1997 coup.
  2. The planned mind behind the coup against Erdogan is his ally Fethullah Gulen (leader of the Service Movement), who has been living since 1999 in the United States of America, Turkey’s ally. While the public position of Washington, the ally of Ankara of the coup attempt is vague “if not supportive” of it.

The position of Turkey’s enemy, Russia, was to support the Turkish government politically, and with intelligence through a hotline between the Russian and Turkish intelligence agencies which Moscow transferred through it the plans and information of the coup and those behind it which it obtained.

Needless to say, Washington indirectly leaked that information to Russia, seeking to ‘seal the trap’.

Second: “The Hollywoodish military support of the (Kurdish) SDF, in an apparent attempt to provoke Turkey, while making the Kurds the bait that drew the Russian into the American-Turkish trap.

Third: “Turkish-Russian deals (military-economic).

And here Russia fell into the trap which resulted:

  1. Turkey’s militarily involvement directly and effectively into Syria under the supervision and with the Russian green light, where Turkey is now in control of an area extending from Jarablus to Azzaz, Afrin, Idlib and Hama countryside reaching the border of Latakia. It controls more than 100,000 terrorist fighters, a significant military force backed by a country like Turkey which has ‘strong’ weapons and ideology that is compatible with terrorist groups.
  2. Stop the military battle to liberate Idlib from the terrorist groups under the claim of preventing a new humanitarian crisis and mass exodus from the de-escalation zone in Idlib, and therefore any military operation by the Syrian Army will undermine the agreement of Astana, according to the Turkish National Security Council.
  3. Abandoning its Kurdish allies in Afrin and selling them to Turkey.

These three things led to a great Russian geopolitical loss as Afrin is the only stronghold in the Syrian north that was not in NATO’s hands,

And morally as it lost a lot of its credibility in front of the pro-Syrian state public and its allies, as the possibility arose that Russia would abandon its allies’ interests in exchange for its own interests.

The question remains whether Russia has actually fallen into the American trap?

Or the trap was a Russian-American against the Axis of Resistance?

Will the Axis of Resistance absorb the trap and respond to it in the same way: hit your enemy where he thinks he hit you?

Erdogan FSA Relation

Syria News comment: We’re not sure how Mr. Putin believes he can trust Erdogan who has stabbed everybody who shook his hands, starting with his own mentor Erbakan, to his two closest buddies who released him from prison and brought him into power Abdulla Gul and Ahmet Davutoglu, to the Syrian president when he breached each article of the Adana Accord, to the Saudis who partnered with him in facilitating the movement of hundreds of thousands of terrorists into Syria, and even stabbed Russia in the back multiple times already flip-flopping between Russia and the USA playing on both ropes?

Another question comes to mind: Does Mr. Putin think he can pull the Saudis and Qataris to his camp away from the USA and the UK? Similarly, does helping Netanyahu of Israel makes the latter less criminal towards Russia itself, let alone everybody else?

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  1. Dr. James Padgett

    Sadly, Russia has GREATLY compromised itself towards Syria by what it has allowed Turkey and Israel to get away with.


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