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Israel Criminally Bombs Tal al Harah Syria; Many Missiles Intercepted

Biden bombing Syria again

At 0200 Damascus time, Israel once again bombed Syria, in an attempt to destroy the air defense base in Tel al Hara. Syria succeeded in intercepting most of the missiles, with some material damage noted. Tal al Harah (Al Harah Hills) is 12km from the Syrian Golan, illegally occupied by Israel.

According to SANA, immediately after the war criminal bombings, the Israeli aggressor engaged in “electronic warfare,” that of jamming Syria’s radar. Back in May 2013, the Syrian Arab Army discovered the source of radar jamming, in an Israeli jeep in Qussayr.

Israel has functioned as al Qaeda’s first air force in Syria, since the early days of the foreign-imposed crisis against the republic; the US became al Qaeda’s second air force in September 2016.

This latest aggression comes less than 10 days since the previous week-long series of similar bombings by the mini-USA and its absolute protectorate, we detailed in the previous post about the real intentions of Israel, and NATO behind it.

Video shared by SANA about the latest bombing:

This most recent in a long series of criminal aggression came mere hours after Israel’s gargantuan teat — the USA — announced a new round of economic terrorism against Syria, adding another three persons and 13 businesses to its bloated ‘sanctions’ list adding more to the already toughest measures the USA uses against a single country, yet the media fails to highlight. Many US-based high-tech corporations don’t have the oldest established civilization in the world, Syria, among the list of countries in their site’s registration, to that extent.

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