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Syrian Families Released from the Infamous Rukban Concentration Camp

Syrian Families Released from US-Controlled Rukban Concentration Camp

Dozens of Syrian families have been released from the US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp in Al-Tanf, southeast of Syria.

The released families arrived at the Jaligam crossing in Homs eastern countryside after spending years in forced displacement and detention by the US forces illegally in that remote desert area and their terrorist groups of ISIS and its Maghaweer Thawra affiliates.

US forces and their alternative armies of terrorists hold tens of thousands of Syrian civilians in the Rukban Concentration Camp in the worst humanitarian conditions who fled ISIS invasion to their villages to be directed by the US-sponsored FSA terrorists to a makeshift disgrace of humanity concentration camp at the furthest corner of Syria where they have been held for years now.

Syrian news agency SANA interviewed a number of the released residents who have expressed their extreme joy and happiness for their ‘freedom after years of humiliation, poverty, diseases, coldness, and unjust treatment by the terrorist groups operating the Concentration Camp under the US protection.

Many families have been released, especially in the past couple of months, those were able to pay the high bounty for Donald Trump non-uniformed Al-Qaeda troops, some pay up to $1500 per person to be allowed to exit the concentration camp into the open desert. Luckily for those, the Syrian government and the Russian Reconciliation Center have already provided buses to pick them up from the roads into safety.

The freed families are being hosted in a temporary center where they will be receiving medical care, proper human-safe food, and clean drinking water, they’ll also receive humane treatment by the Syrian authorities in the camp, the Syrian Red Crescent, with the help of the Russian Reconciliation Center. Later on, the families will be taken back to their homes in the villages and towns the Syrian Arab Army has cleaned from the terrorist groups and secured from landmines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) the terrorists usually plant behind them in the areas they infest.

Syria and Russia have repeatedly called on the USA to end the suffering of thousands of Syrian families held against their will in disastrous conditions in the concentration camps of Rukban in the southeast of Syria and Al-Hol in the northeast which in turn is controlled by the US-sponsored SDF Kurdish separatist militias.

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