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3rd Aggression in One Week, Israel Calling for a Regional War

Israel Targets SAA's T-4 Military Air Base Central Syria

T4 Military Air Base in central Syria has been targeted by Israeli missiles, SAA air defenses managed to shoot down at least 2 of the incoming missiles, others made its way to the airport. Emboldened by the Swamp-Drunk Trump at the White House and his War Regime, and with the Saudi’s alliance, Israel thinks in a coming confrontation its agents will fight on its behalf and it’ll be safe.

One Syrian Arab Army soldier martyred, 3 injured, munition warehouse destroyed and other material damage in the base. Why this base? Because it’s the main SAA military operation in fighting Al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front in Idlib, ISIS remnants in the Syrian eastern and southeastern deserts who have started a campaign against the Syrian Armed Forces recently under the wing of the US forces positioned at Al-Tanf, and other terrorist groups operating under Al-Qaeda’s leadership.

Yesterday late night an Israeli missiles attack against Syrian Arab Army posts in Quneitra and southwest Damascus. The attacks targeted the SAA air defense systems. A martyr from the SAA and 3 injured.

Last week, Israel attacked an SAA Air Defense unit in Quneitra, killed a Syrian Arab Army officer and injured two more.

Israel testing SAA’s air defense capabilities, checking on whether the Russians committed to their promise to Israel not to completely handover the S300 to the Syrian armed forces, and to divert the SAA efforts in combatting Al-Qaeda in Idlib.

Is Israel capable of opening a front with Syria? Yes, any fool can start a war, but is it capable of achieving anything in such a new front? Absolutely NO. Israel is merely an advanced US military post in the MENA region, it’ll be the willful US military that will be killing and killed for Israel. Israel couldn’t stand up to Hezbollah alone, or to Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza even with the illicit intel gathering it’s receiving from the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in Turkey and elsewhere in the region.

Israeli officials are trying to take advantage of the US Strike Force John Bolton sent to the region, under its military cover especially that the war with Iran is avoided, under the Saudi finance and political cover, under the Russian weird silence, and under the Turkish arrogance, Israel thinks it can start a new front and lit the region with an all-out war. Will Syria respond directly and answer Israel’s request for war? For sure, at the right time and at the moment Israel crosses the red line and targets important Syrian military or state’s assets.

Skirmishes like this will not help the SAA in its battle against NATO and Al-Qaeda in Idlib, but that doesn’t mean Syria is not prepared for a wide conflict. Keep in mind that the SAA strike forces fighting terrorist groups all over the country are of mainly two units: The Republican Guards 4th Mechanical Division, and the Tiger Forces of the SAA Special Forces. The rest of the SAA is on alert for an Israeli and NATO all-out war.

Let’s also remember that any new such regional war will include all parties in the MENA region as the lines have been clearly drawn between the two camps: On one side: the USA, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Al-Qaeda including ISIS and Nusra Front, and some logistical agents like Jordan, Hamas and Lebanon; and on the other side: Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, most of Iraq, Yemen, and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. In such an event how much will the price of oil reach? How many refineries and oil platforms continue to work after the first strike?

Our question to the US citizens: What is your benefit having your sons fight for Israel, become criminals attacking Syrians and become waste killed in this battle? Are your sons that cheap to throw them in an aggressive war against a country, and many other countries, that never posed any threat to you but are obstacles in the face of Israeli expansion to build the anti-Christ temple over stolen Semite land in the Levant? Is your priority fighting wars for Israel and for its prime minister to avoid prison rather than building your own country’s infrastructure, your health care system, your children’s’ education system without enslaving debt, your cost of living, and the lives of your sons fighting for Israel and US large weapons and oil conglomerates?

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