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Massive Quantities of C-4, Weapons, and Munition Left Behind by Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Daraa & Quneitra

4 tons of Highly Explosive C-4 left by al-Qaeda terrorists found in South of Syria

Syrian security authorities continued securing the areas cleaned last year by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorism and has found with the help of the local residents 4 tons of the highly explosive US-made C-4 left behind by the terrorist organizations in the area of Yarmouk Valley, western Daraa countryside. Other weapons and munition were found in Quneitra countryside near the Golan occupied by Israel.

A Syrian security officer interviewed by SANA explained the power of these explosives: These materials are highly hazardous substances, one kilogram as an explosive force of C-4 equivalent to 13 kilograms of TNT.

The security officer highlighted the cooperation with the local residents during the times their areas were infested by US-sponsored terrorists and after in locating these explosives, he added; The cooperation of the local population was necessary for the units of the Syrian Arab Army during periods of the extremist ideology that prevailed in the region for a period of time. However, cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army units was carried out by the local population. These materials, which were hidden in underground warehouses, were confiscated.

These highly explosive materials were used by armed terrorist groups for making the suicide explosive vehicles which targeted the Syrian Arab Army points and to make homemade, unguided rockets aimed at the safe areas with the intention of causing the greatest damage to citizens’ properties directly with locally-made rockets and explosives. The officer concluded.

In nearby Quneitra province, bordering Daraa and the Golan occupied by Israel, the Syrian authorities found a new stock of weapons, munitions, and medicine, some of which are US and Western-made, left behind by Al-Qaeda terrorists who infested this area with the direct help of Israel, USA, Jordan, and the Wahhabi regime of Al Saud in Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian authorities have found explosives, weapons, high tech satellite communication devices, munition, medicine, and gears enough to arm several national armies for countries the size of Lebanon. These killing tools gifted by the Western countries to the world’s filthiest terror organizations and left behind by them in the areas cleaned from them all over the country.

Why would the US regimes of both Barack Obama and incumbent Donald Trump provide terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda, which they themselves have invaded and destroyed two countries Afghanistan and Iraq in retaliation of the alleged 9/11 bombing of the twin towers in New York and the third tower the TW-7 which fell by itself in solidarity with the other two towers?

And why would the US regime, with the help of their European poodles and regional stooges continue to arm and support the same terrorists they claim they are fighting in the province of Idlib and impede the Syrian Arab Army measures to rid the Syrian people of their terror and free up to 3 million Syrian civilians living in the terror-infested and controlled province of Idlib, the same civilians the criers at the UNSC flooded the United Nations building with their tears over?!

And why all this hatred against the Syrian people, the real Semite people descending from Sam son of Noah by the US and its anti-Semitic Israeli imported settlers? And how do these crimes against the Syrian people be in the interest of the US citizens?

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