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Russian FSB Received an ISIS Terrorist from Belgium

Russian FSB Received ISIS Terrorist Akhmadov Imampashi from Brussels via Interpol

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) received by air a Russian ISIS terrorist who fled Syria to Europe, where he was arrested in Belgium under a Russian Interpol search warrant from 2014.

A statement issued by the Russian Federal Security Service that the organization of the process of receiving the Russian citizen Akhmadov Imampasha was under the supervision and cooperation of the Russian Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Interpol National Central Bureau of Russia and the Department of Russian Federal Prison Service.

Video also available on BitChute:

The Russian intelligence indicated that this terrorist was wanted internationally under a search and detention memo of Russia.

Being a follower of the extremist Takfiri ideology, Akhmadov traveled to Syria in 2014 through Turkish territory and there joined ISIS and fought against the Syrian Arab Army then fled to Europe where he was arrested in Brussels.

From the early days of the Syrian crisis, many countries saw an opportunity to dump their waste onto Syria to get rid of them in what was called the ‘Syrian Mincer’. Over 14,000 terrorists moved freely to Syria from the Russian Republic of Chechnya alone through ‘Erdoganstan’.

By early 2017, the Syrian Arab Army has killed over 5,000 of these Chechen terrorists and gifted Russia 4,200 more of them. Russian authorities and with the guidance and approval of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, a Russian Military Police Battalion was sent to Eastern Aleppo headed by a Chechen Major in order to change the impression the residents of Aleppo had about Chechnya and its people, witnessing firsthand unimaginable horrors by terrorists coming from Chechnya when their neighborhoods were infested with Central Asian terrorists like Abu Omar the Chechen, watch this video:

Russian Military Police in Aleppo – Source from ANNA News who also had their YouTube channel deleted with no proper justification, like ours.

A large number of terrorists have fled to Europe disguising as refugees with the help of their master Erdogan of Turkey through the waves of refugees smuggled from Syria. Many were well received by western European governments before they stopped receiving more including their own citizens. What do they want more than getting rid of their filth by the Syrian people, they have nothing to lose while the Syrian people pay a hefty blood bill in this fight, not only with no appreciation from Western governments, and the majority of their citizens, the West has imposed the harshest sanctions against the Syrian people for helping clean the world.

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  1. Miri Wood

    Given that Belgium generally welcomes back its natives returning from committing atrocities in Syria, this joint arrest suggests a schism may be unfolding.


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