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ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack SAA Posts in the Desert with US Help

ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack SAA Posts in Syrian Desert with the Help of the USA

ISIS terrorists, defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in the major battles of Der Ezzor and Albukamal east of Syria, have regrouped and launched a new wave of attacks against the SAA posts in the desert with the direct help of the USA and its illegal ‘International Coalition’ which moved its remnants from under fire to safe havens in the depth of the Syrian open desert bordering Iraq in the east and Jordan in the south.

Al-Mayadeen reporter in Damascus Mohammad Al-Khodr had this report in Arabic and we added the English subtitles to it, English transcript is below the video:

Video also available on BitChute:

Al-Faydah desert, to the south of Al-Mayadeen, is another theater for the movement of remnants of ISIS in the Syrian desert.

Syrian army units and their allies in a fierce clash with a convoy of the (terrorist) organization resulted in a number killed and wounded in their ranks.

A growing activity which in details included attacking military points last April in the vicinity of Sokhna, an activity that followed the breaking of ISIS in Al-Baghouz and the International Coalition facilitating the moving of ISIS fighters deep into the desert to add pressure against the Syrian army.

Mohammed Abbas – Military expert: This enclave ends with the end of the war on Syria because it is covered today by fire, diplomatic, political, logistical and military through US forces, Is it a serious threat? Yes, it poses is a serious risk because it is a connected danger, a constant danger because the Americans invest in it.

No accurate figures of what remains of ISIS in the Syrian desert, estimates that the number is between1000 to 2000 armed men, Spread over a large area in the vicinity of Jabal al-Bishri southeast of Raqqa and Dafina southwest of Deir al-Zour and between the desert of Palmyra and Al-Sokhna and the vicinity of the 55th area in Al-Tanf.

Mohammed Abbas: We must remember well that the region is a strategic area and very important, and maybe the separation area in the US war on Syria, I mean the area stretching from Al-Tanf to Albuakmal and Al-Sukhna, and this desert area (Al-Badia) is the area of separation on which America bet on with its alternative armies, It’s called the US Alternative Army which wants to cut the road between Iraq and Syria, cut Iran’s way towards Syria.

The terrorist organization members benefited from the difficult terrain to hide in hills, valleys, and deep calcareous caves, and wide maneuvering areas that they know well as being from the region or due to their staying in it for years.

The solid structure of ISIS was broken during major battles fought by the Syrian army and its allies along the Syrian desert. To eliminate the remnants of ISIS requires a major military effort, in parallel with finishing the American presence in Al-Tanf, which formed a source of support for the movements of this (ISIS) organization.

End of Mohammad Al-Khodr’s report.

Another pressure of all sorts militarily, political, financial by unprecedented sanctions, media, and diplomatic is being exerted by the USA and its barking squad against Syria with the latest decision by Swamp-Drunk Trump arming Al-Qaeda terrorists there with anti-tank missiles through his poodle Erdogan.

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