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The Biden Junta Continues Beefing Up their Forces in Northeast Syria

Biden forces beef up troops in Hasakah northeast Syria

The Biden junta at the White House continue their destabilizing and sinister policies in Syria and instead of reducing their troops illegally positioned in the country to steal Syrian oil and wheat, the junta entered a large convoy of vehicles loaded with military equipment into the country.

Local sources reported that a column of 55 vehicles of trucks loaded with concealed material, trailers, accompanied by a number of armored vehicles, entered the illegal Al-Waleed crossing and headed to the Rumailan camp in Hasakah countryside, which is used by the American occupation forces and maintains heavy machinery inside it.

The video is also on BitChute and YouTube.

Joseph Biden continues the illegal terrorist policies of his predecessor Trump who carried on the same policies from Biden when he was the deputy of Obama for two terms, these policies include supporting all the variations of Al Qaeda terrorist groups including ISIS, the Kurds, and whoever accepted to fight against the Syrian people, the goal is to steal Syria’s riches mainly wheat, oil, and water, and to establish copies of Israel in the regions the USA and its proxies occupy. All acts of the White House junta since the regime of Barack Hussein Obama are against the basics of International Law and the articles of the UN Charter which the USA is one of the five countries entrusted by the world to uphold.

Nothing can stop the looters to stop their war crimes against Syria, not even a pandemic they hyped, no economic difficulties they face at home which somehow they can find funding for their very expensive crimes in Syria, not even natural disasters stopped them as long as they serve Israel and its expansion aggression policies in the region.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The USA was built as a colonial empire on the skulls and bones of the real American people and is carrying out the same policies around the world since then.

  2. M.Ini

    “… a pandemic they hyped…”: it’s pretty clear by now that the wanna-be NWO emperor CREATED this pLandemic (the banksters, Big Pharma owners actually, at this point OWE a HUGE amount of money to Humanity, we have no debts to them, quite the opposite). The US govt has been taken over long ago (the same bastards killed JFK and the like of Martin Luther King, they made 9-11 as well). If you try to reason as the NWO psychos would, you get a perfectly fitting geopolitical model of what’s happening worldwide.

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