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Israel, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the US Army’s Coordinated Attacks on Syria

Israel bombs Damascus - file photo

Israel, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the other NATO armies and proxy forces waged their coordinated attacks on Syria, it reached its climax yesterday with Israel bombing Syrian Army posts on the outskirts of Damascus, ISIS remnants attacking the Syrian Army posts in Daraa countryside, Al Qaeda bombing posts of the Syrian and Russian armies in the northeast, the US Army with its Kurdish SDF separatist groups stealing more loads of Syrian oil and wheat while continuing to beef up the US troops, and the Turkish regime continues to block the water of the Euphrates and the water of the Alouk pump in Hasakah.

All the above followed the attempt of a small local group to redo Daraa’s March 2011 protests in the city of Sweida in southern Syria, the crowds that gathered to stop the instigators outnumbered the protesters by over 50 to 1 as per local sources.

The Israeli bombing of the Syrian Arab Army posts injured a Syrian soldier and inflicted material damage, a military spokesperson was quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 11:55 this evening (Monday 21 August 2023), the Israeli enemy carried out a guided missile attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus. The aggression resulted in the injury of a soldier and some material losses.”

Local sources reported hearing the sounds of explosions in the south and southeast of the Syrian Capital Damascus.

Multiple official and unofficial reports refuted rumors spread by some ‘activists’ on social media and some Arab news outlets of the bombing of Damascus International Airport; the reports confirmed the airport was not targeted in this Israeli aggression and that it is operating as scheduled.

While Israel was bombing the outskirts of Damascus, remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists attacked with heavy machine guns the posts of the Syrian Arab Army on the outskirts of the town of Nawa in the northern countryside of Daraa, south of Syria, around 40 kilometers to the southeast of Damascus.

Local sources reported that the attacks on the Syrian Army posts on the outskirts of Nawa lasted several hours and the Syrian Arab Army repelled the attacks with artillery and heavy machine guns.

The Syrian Army units operating in the countryside of Hama and Idlib shot down 3 kamikaze booby-trapped drones fired by the NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib on their way to bomb the Syrian towns in the two northwestern Syrian provinces.

Movements of the Al Qaeda groups in Hama and Idlib were spotted and dealt with by the Syrian and Russian armies delivering a severe blow to the terrorists and their sponsors in the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance.

NATO member state Turkey continues to block the water of the Euphrates from flowing into Syria and subsequently into Iraq and the water of Tigris from flowing into Iraq in a war crime, a crime against humanity, and a blatant violation of International Law and bilateral and trilateral agreements between the three countries.

In addition to blocking the flow of the Euphrates into Syria, the forces of the Turkish (NATO ‘defensive’) alliance repeatedly bomb the Alouk water pump and the electrical stations feeding the pumps depriving over 2 million Syrians in the province of Hasakah including its main Al Qamishli city.

All the above while the US Army is busy with its proxy, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists stealing Syrian oil and wheat and smuggling them into neighboring Iraq, not only stealing the food and fuel of the Syrian people but also violating the sovereignty of both countries, Syria and Iraq, a hypocritical act by the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council which leads the Western cackle of hyenas dragging the world into a nuclear conflict and the annihilation of mankind over their incessant ‘defending’ of the sovereignty of Ukraine which they turned into their proxy forces to ‘inflict harm on Russia’ in order to dismantle the world’s largest country to allow them to steal its resources.

Is the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance trying to compensate for their losses on the global level by continuing their plot to destroy Syria, after realizing their failure in Syria led to their debacles across the globe thanks to the heroism and unmatched steadfastness of the Syrian people for over 12.5 years? Or the leaders of the US-led NATO ‘defensive’ alliance just doubling on their war crimes believing in their ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘entitlement’ to the world’s resources while effectively ‘de-populating’ the world in their never-ending wars and conflicts, or it is all simply the grand scheme of the Antichrist, the core believe of the Evangelical megachurch and its Zionist masters who believe that serving the Antichrist to ‘rebuild’ the alleged ‘temple’ in the holy lands to expedite the return of Jesus Christ?

We, Syrians would love to understand whether the citizens and taxpayers of the USA and its Western minions understand this grand scheme of their ‘elected’ politicians in their ‘democracies’ across the Western hemisphere and their loyal despots around the globe.

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