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Tunisian Authorities Detain Dozens of Ennahda Officials for Terror

US-sponsored Tunisian 'freedom fighters' of Al Qaeda and ISIS killed in Syria

Tunisian authorities detained dozens of former government officials from the Muslim Brotherhood organization in the country for charges related to terrorism and facilitating the recruiting and transporting of hundreds of Tunisian and other nationals to join terrorist groups to Syria to fight the Syrian people and in other countries.

Thousands of Tunisians and thousands of others through Tunisia were sent to Syria and elsewhere where the USA targeted to spread ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, by the Ennahda Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Tunisia, with the help of the other Muslim Brotherhood regimes in the countries that the NATO-sponsored Arab Spring managed to plant in place of the secular governments it toppled.

The following report by the Syrian TV news reporter in Tunisia Nasreen Swaid details:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Tunisia continues to follow the path of holding the Muslim Brotherhood accountable for several crimes, some of which are related to the issue of sending young people to terrorist hotbeds around the world; in this context, the Tunisian judiciary issued a prison warrant against the Brotherhood’s shadow man in the Ministry of Interior, Fathi Al-Baldi, who is considered one of the most dangerous members of the Ennahda Movement’s special apparatus.

Yahya Mohammed, Tunisian political activist: The Muslim Brotherhood are involved directly and indirectly in a relationship with the ‘Transfer’ and a relationship with terrorism in Tunisia. As we know, Fathi Al-Baldi was an advisor during the period of the former Minister of Interior, and he was obviously involved in sending young people to Syria.

Therefore, we consider that his arrest today did not come out of nowhere. His arrest was based on the fact that he was primarily linked to terrorism, and linked to the case of young people being sent to hotbeds of tension.

The judiciary charged Fathi al-Baldi and former Minister of Justice Nour al-Din al-Behairi with charges, the most prominent of which were joining a terrorist organization and facilitating operations of a terrorist nature, as these cases relate to the file of transferring terrorists to Syria.

The extensive investigations included security officials, former ministers, businessmen, and politicians close to the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement, and the list of defendants included more than a hundred people who were involved in sending young people to fight within terrorist groups in Syria.

Anas Al-Shabi, academic and specialist in terrorist groups: The crimes they committed are crimes, to put it mildly, that turn gray hair. Therefore, in the Fat’hi Al-Baldi case, Fat’hi Al-Baldi is only the hand that carries out the execution, but the main thing is those who took the decision: Ali Al-Arayedh, Rashid Al-Ghannouchi… This is the leadership that was supposed to be held accountable for this..

An internal cleansing of the administration that Tunisia is conducting to get rid of the Brotherhood members involved in terrorism and ‘transfer’, and to solve files that have been stuck on the shelves of the courts for a full decade, with the hope of holding accountable all those who committed crimes against the Tunisian state.

Granting Tunisian nationality to foreign terrorists is the most dangerous file that proves the involvement of the Ennahda movement in terrorism, a file that may reveal more dangerous and sensitive facts at the level of national security.

Nisreen Sweid, Syrian TV – Tunisia.

End of the transcript.

A German study in December 2017 found that the number of Tunisians who joined ISIS in Syria reached 12,800 terrorists including 66 women and not including the terrorists who joined the other CIA-sponsored terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, FSA, and their affiliated groups.

The Syrian Army and its allied forces managed to eliminate thousands of those terrorists, not less than 5 thousand, 1320 others were missing at the time of the above-mentioned German study, in addition to the hundreds of Tunisian terrorists arrested by the Syrian security and handed back to the Tunisian authorities. Tunisian records say 800 Tunisian terrorists returned to their country, some might have returned on their own.

To force-spread the excess of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ the United States and its Western cronies and Gulfies stooges enjoy, the CIA along with ‘intelligence’ agencies from most countries of the world founded, funded, trained, and armed dozens of terrorist groups and used the members of those group it managed to radicalize to enforce those exports.

Disappointedly, some of Syria’s presumed allies, or at least friendly countries, also joined the plot and dumped their unwanted terrorists into Syria, or turned a blind eye to the transfer of those terrorists to Syria crossing several borders. For instance, in February 2014, a statistic revealed that tens of thousands of terrorists arrived in Syria from 87 countries, most of whom through NATO member state Turkey. Topping the list were Chechnya: 14,000 terrorists, Saudi Arabia: 12,000 terrorists, Lebanon: 9,000 terrorists, Libya (under NATO occupation post-Gaddafi): 4,400 terrorists, Iraq: 11,000 terrorists, and hundreds from Western Europe, even from Palestine which managed to send 5,000 of its radicalized members to liberate Al Quds (Jerusalem) by destroying the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria!

Hopefully, the world, after the exposing and defeat of Western Zionism and Nazism in Gaza and Ukraine, and the self-inflicted bankruptcy of the Western countries can heal from the manufacturing of terrorist groups by the Western countries, the countries which used to lecture the world about democracy and freedoms and proven they lack the basics of those for their people.

The investigations carried out by the Tunisian authorities with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood officials is one small step in the path to exposing the criminals behind the real global terrorism, many similar steps are still needed around the world and citizens of the West, in particular, have the main duty in this regard.

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