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SDF Terrorists Launch Mass Kidnappings in Raqqa and Hasakah

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF armed terrorists in Hasakah - Syria - إرهابيو قوات قسد الكردية الانفصالية في الحسكة

SDF terrorists created and owned by the United States, launched another round of mass kidnappings of young Syrian men, on 11 May.

The armed insurrectionists against the Syrian government raided homes in villages of al Raqqa and al Hasakah countryside, under the protection of the criminal Biden regime military forces.

The NATO and UN-approved SDF terrorists cordoned off and then “stormed several villages near Tal Hamis town and Tabqa city in the countryside of Hasakah and Raqqa, under the pretext of searching for wanted people [that they have no jurisdiction in ‘wanting,’ as they are armed terrorists working for the US to overthrow the Syrian government]” as Biden regime military helicopters hovered in protection, lest any Syrians engage to protect their families, as their homes were invaded, and military-aged men, and also younger boys were kidnapped, for criminal conscription into the illicit US-created and armed militia.

The United Nations gave this gang of Kurdish separatist insurrectionists its tacit approval on 29 June 2019, when Virginia Gambia, Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict, received SDF terror leader Mazloum Abdi, during which time he signed an agreement to stop forcing Syrian boys into his criminal militia.

Please note the official UN photo describes the US towel boy as the “commander” of the non-existent Rojava. Post signing of the sham, Sykes-Picot type agreement — after five months of negotiation — UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric ridiculously claimed the Action Plan did “not lend the SDF legitimacy.”

UN gave approval to SDF terrorists
Another UN breach of its own charter: Signing an agreement with an agent of the US in Syria.

Tabqa, in Al Raqqa governate, is possibly best known to Westerners courtesy of NATO stenography media, for the fraudulent claim that ISIS terrorists and SDF terrorists fought to control its massive dam.

The truth is that the dam was captured by the US’s FSA terrorists in February 2013 and subsequently transferred to its SDF terrorists in early 2016.

The terrorizing of the Syrian citizenry struggling under foreign occupation, via the SDF storming homes and kidnapping them, has been an ongoing horror consistently ignored by NATO-affiliated media, and by that bastion of peace and security, the United Nations.

Some of the countless atrocities perpetrated by the Kurdish SDF terrorists, and under the protection of first the criminal Trump regime, and currently the criminal Biden regime, are listed here:

The loud murmurings begun last month by Western politicians in near hysteria that Syria might return to the Arab League, launched a new wave of increased terrorism against the Syrian people, in their homeland. It has not abated since Syria’s return on 7 May:

One day after the murder of the policeman, SDF savages went on the rampage, again, under the protection of American illegals in the Levantine Republic.

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy

    The Rockefellers; those wonderful people who brought us WW2 and 100 million dead, are now supporting research via its foundation the study of lookalike species; where one is the predator and the other the prey. Here in America, it’s not uncommon for some very young children to want to grow up to be a horse, a dog or some other animal; the children of some people though seem to hold on to this dream well into adulthood, wishing instead to be some sort of insect.
    The plan, apparently, being that after the predators have done their dirty work, that the good bug man comes out of its closet and sprays to exterminate the predators.
    You would think that the only appropriate place for people like that would be an insane asylum; but no, they’re worshipped as gods instead.
    Welcome to America and everything that the Magic Kingdom has to offer; as though living with such people is both a gift and an honor.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    These Kurdish separatists never learn the lesson, they can’t see what the US does to its allies all over the world after it finishes using them and they couldn’t see what the US did to them several times already!


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