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Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Taking it out of Service, Again!

Israel bombs Aleppo International Airport taking it out of service

Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport and the defense factories in the southeast of Aleppo using the airspace of Jordan and with the help of the US Army illegally deployed in the Syrian al Tanf region.

The Israeli war crime aggression two days after its latest bombing of Homs province destroyed parts of the airport taking the commercial civilian airport out of service, once again, it also killed a Syrian soldier in the defense factories and injured 5 other soldiers and 2 civilians.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a brief statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At about eleven o’clock and thirty-five minutes in the evening today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with bursts of missiles from the direction southeast of Aleppo, targeting Aleppo International Airport and a number of points in the vicinity of Aleppo.”

The military statement concluded: “As a result, a soldier was killed, five others were injured, and two civilians were injured. Some material losses occurred, and Aleppo International Airport was rendered out of service.”

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Israel’s bombing of Syria’s vital civilian infrastructure is part of the US-led war of terrorism and attrition waged against the Syrian people for the past 12 years using the US Army, a number of other armies of NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, and their proxy terrorists: the Israeli IDF terrorists, al Qaeda, its offshoots and affiliates including ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), and the Kurdish SDF separatists.

The Israeli bombing of Aleppo International Airport also comes less than two days before the Iranian president’s scheduled state visit to Syria, a first in more than 12 years with an unannounced purpose (as per many Syrian political analysts) of pressuring President Assad to help NATO’s flip-flop leader, the Turkish madman Erdogan.

Russia and Iran are trying to pressure the Syrian leadership to help the Turkish madman ahead of the Turkish presidential election within a few days from now, the same madman Erdogan who led the war of terror on Syria from the north and lost, destroyed his own country’s economy and turned his country into a hub of international terrorists.

Turkish forces continue to illegally occupy large parts of northern Syria along with a plethora of terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan spearheaded by al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS. An agreement in September 2018 was brokered by Russia and Iran to avoid a direct clash between the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces with the Turkish Army, NATO’s second-largest army, the Turkish army, and its affiliated terrorist groups. The agreement dubbed Idlib Agreement stipulated that the Turkish madman Erdogan withdraw his army and terrorists under the guarantees of both Iran and Russia.

Since September 2018, the Turkish madman instead of implementing the Idlib Agreement has beefed up the forces of the Turkish army and its affiliated terrorist groups in northern Syria and both Russia and Iran failed in their commitments in the same agreement to force Turkey to implement its terms being the guarantors of the signed agreement.

Also, instead of pressuring the party that lost the war it waged on Syria and committed itself to withdraw its forces from Syria, Russia, and Iran are pressuring the Syrian leadership, the victors of the war to help the criminal loser after shoring up the Turkish economy to the tunes of tens of billions of dollars in direct and indirect investments while dripping aid to Syria, their ‘ally’ in the war on terror!

We are also waiting for the proper condemnation of these barbaric terrorist attacks by Israel against Syria by the two non-NATO member states of the United Nations Security Council, Russia and China, both countries enjoy extraordinarily close relations with the anti-Jewish Zionist state Israel, both have large investments in this illegal entity, and Russia has an agreement with Israel to ‘coordinate their operations in the skies of Syria,’ a weird arrangement to describe it the least.

The Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb the US Army in Syria each time Israel bombs Syria, they have fulfilled their promise each time but there is an outstanding number of bombings that need to be responded to and this Israeli war crime will be added to that outstanding score.

The US Army illegally deployed and operating in the Syrian al Tanf region provided Israel this time an air corridor to bomb Aleppo, Jordan either did not see the Israeli fighter jets crossing its air space to bomb Syria or didn’t mind them doing so, not the first of the little kingdom, and even if it did not notice them, now that the Jordanian government is aware of this violation, will they react properly and adequately to it? How will their reaction be if Syria does the same and bomb Israel using Jordanian air space?

Israel’s repeated bombing of Syria also adds up pressure on the Syrian leadership and the Syrian people within the same context of aiding NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, and its proxy terrorist groups in further destroying Syria.

All of these war crimes are committed against Syria with the help of the self-appointed Western-dominated ‘international community’ against all articles of international law with the help and mastering of the USA and its European lackeys, and the too little always late help from Syria’s ‘allies’ in this global war.

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  1. Miri

    Israel like the US is outraged over murmurings of Syria rapprochement with the various Arab countries that betrayed it.


    I have said this several times-GUERRILLA WARFARE tactics against ISRAEL with PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY tactics

  3. Safa Syrea

    Russian Defense Ministry: From 11:32 p.m. to 11:37 p.m. on May 1, two Israeli Air Force F-16 tactical fighters fired rocket barrages at civilian infrastructure facilities in Aleppo governorate and a runway at Aleppo International Airport, as a result of which the airport was out of service.
    It is the great Russia watching and preparing strikes on Syria.
    It seems unhappy with the actions of the Zionist entity when it publishes such a statement.
    I now hope that Israel will have a hand in the attempt to assassinate Putin today.


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