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Syrian Resistance Bomb Illegal US Army Base in Conoco Gas Field

US Army occupying Syrian Conoco Gas Field in Deir Ezzor

Syrian Resistance in northern Syria fired a barrage of missiles at the US Army of oil thieves in the Syrian gas field of Conoco in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, material damage at the illegal US Army base, at least, confirmed.

Reports of missiles hammering the illegal US military base occupying Syria’s largest gas field located in southeastern Deir Ezzor province, fumes of fire, and smoke were seen rising from the base after loud sounds of explosions.

On its part, and since they couldn’t hide the news, the US CENTCOM, the black op room responsible for the US war crimes in the Arab and Muslim World, issued a statement from its headquarters in Tampa, Florida trying to belittle the effectiveness of the attack:

“An ineffective rocket attack targeted coalition forces, at Mission Support Site Conoco, northeast Syria, today at 10:51 Am Eastern Standard Time – 5:51 pm Syria local time. One rocket struck in the vicinity of the coalition outpost and an additional rocket was found at the attack’s point of origin.”

US Army occupying Syrian Conoco Gas Field in Deir Ezzor

The statement concluded that the attack resulted in no injuries or damage to the base or coalition property!

The latest leaked documents from the Pentagon give an indication of the extent of lying the Biden’s White House junta and its Pentagon employees are willing to deceit their own people for their personal reasons.

Has the US Army ever told the truth about its operations or casualties when it happens? We’ll leave this for the US taxpayers funding their army’s war crimes in Syria.

Local sources confirmed the attack as it happened, we waited for further details but due to the media blackout caused by the heavy movement of the US Army and its sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorist groups, we couldn’t get much information from the area.

For real counts of the US casualties, we advise the concerned US taxpayers to check their veterans and ‘fallen’ records, families or friends of the US personnel illegally deployed in Syria to steal the oil and food from the Syrian people can try to contact those US personnel and see if they get an answer if they do manage to talk to their relatives, we advise they talk with them as if it might be their last interaction, nobody knows when they’ll join their colleagues who suffered from headaches from previous similar attacks and later died from those headaches!

It was a matter of time for an attack on the US Army’s illegal bases in Syria, the Syrian Resistance has vowed to bomb them each Israel bombs Syria and there is already an unsettled score of at least 2 more Israeli bombings that might be settled any time now.

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  1. Roy

    Not even Jews are allowed to talk about what is going on in and outside of the USA anymore, I give myself 30 to 60 days before I fall victim to the Holocaust that is just now beginning to gain ground here in the USA.


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