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NATO Proxy Forces: al Qaeda and Israel Attack 8 Syrian Provinces

Israel bombs the liberated side of the Syrian Golan

Israel bombed posts in the five Syrian southern provinces Damascus, Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Quneitra, and Sweida, and al Qaeda terrorists attacked the three northwestern Syrian provinces Aleppo, Idlib, and Latakia, a coordinated attack under the cover of NATO’s two largest armies, the US and the Turkish armies.

In a renewed coordinated attack, the proxy terrorist groups of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance targeted posts of the Syrian Arab Army, the only force supported by its allies in combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and other Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups.

The Syrian news agency SANA quoted a military spokesperson commenting on the Israeli bombing:

“At approximately five o’clock this morning, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with a number of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the southern region.”

The statement concluded: “Our air defenses intercepted the aggression’s missiles some of which escaped and caused material damage.”

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

It seems that the Syrian military is pouring cold water on the hotheads of the Zionist IDF terrorist groups, not even mentioning the locations of the sites they bombed.

Local sources said that the Syrian Army’s air defenses were fired in all five provinces across the southern region shooting down the incoming missiles whose some escaped and caused material damage.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the sporadic three rockets fired at Israel from the Syrian territories by the time of this report, the rockets itself are primitive and yet the Israeli so-called Iron Dome failed to intercept it as it failed to intercept a large number of the rockets fired on it from southern Lebanon a couple of days ago.

Israeli IDF terrorists showed footage of what seems to be a drone bombing of something within a garden across the frontline in the Golan it claimed to be the launchpad of the rockets that were fired at its sites earlier. We couldn’t confirm the information provided by the Israelis, they are not known to be credible in any of their reporting.

Israel needed to respond to what it called were rockets fired at it, keep in mind that Israel has no right to self-defense, occupation forces when bombed should just pack and leave and not fight back, that’s one thing, in the case of the anti-Jewish Zionist Israel entity of radical terrorists, they have to keep quiet and appreciate getting bombed even with primitive rockets, Syria alone has the right to bomb Israel over 300 times in retaliation to the times Israel bombed Syria in the past decade alone, not to mention the illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan.

The Turkish Madman Continues to Unleash His Al Qaeda Terrorists

On the northern front, the Syrian Arab Army units in the western Aleppo countryside repelled an attack by Al Nusra Front (al Qaeda Levant aka HTS) on its posts in the Kafr Ammah and inflicted heavy casualties among the attackers.

Sources from the region confirm that at least 15 of the attacking terrorists were rendered useless, killed, or severely injured. The SAA’s artillery addressed Al Qaeda posts and movements in southern Idlib, western Aleppo, and northern Latakia countryside.

There are no reports by the time of this report of the casualties inflicted on the terrorists in the areas shelled by the SAA’s artillery which is known for its precision targeting.

Al Qaeda terrorists have been more active ever since President Assad put down yet another request from the Russian leadership to help the embattled Turkish madman Erdogan in his coming presidential elections by accepting to meet the enemy of Islam and humanity, a meeting in which the Turkish madman would claim he reached an agreement to solve the issues facing Turkey caused by its criminal military and terrorist intervention in Syria.

NATO’s frustration is understandable, not only the members of the ‘defensive’ organization are losing in the war they waged on the Orthodox Slavic people in Ukraine, their empire’s hegemony is collapsing across the globe at an accelerated speed, and the last thing needed is allowing this ‘defensive’ organization to start new wars hence, in our opinion, the self-restraint and cooled statements in the face of the repeated aggressions, when your evil enemy is self-harming, enjoy the scene as long as they are not crossing red lines.

At the same time, Syria and its allies continue to build up their defense capabilities for the coming confrontation, if needed, that is if the Zionist settlers don’t simply pack and go back to their home countries instead of getting killed in a war.

Supporters of Israel based on religious views must watch this and see how wrong they are in supporting the establishment of the kingdom of the Antichrist thinking they’re serving God:

20.000 Orthodox Jews in New York protest against zionist Israel and its military – 13 June 2017

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