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Syrian Security Seizes More ISIS Weapons in Daraa Countryside

Syrian Security Unearthes more Weapons in Daraa Countryside

Syrian security continue their combing of the lands cleared from the remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the Daraa countryside and discovered new depots loaded with weapons and munition.

With the help of the locals, law enforcement and the Syrian Arab Army Engineering Corps uncovered weapons and munition hidden in dens across several areas in the Daraa countryside, the weapons included light and medium automatic machine guns, rocket propellers, and mortars.

A spokesperson for the Syrian law enforcement in Daraa said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA yesterday 29 April 2023:

“During the follow-up of the work of combing the remaining areas and farms in the vicinity of cities and towns in the countryside of Daraa, and in cooperation with the people, large quantities of light and medium weapons and ammunition were seized from the remnants of ISIS terrorists.”

The statement detailed the discovered weapons and munition:

” Automatic rifles, medium and heavy machine guns, RPG launchers, mortars, hand grenades, various projectiles, and large amounts of ammunition for these weapons.”

No thanks to the generosity of the US and other Western taxpayers and their selflessness in prioritizing the killing of other people and destroying their countries over their own welfare and healthcare, these killing tools were provided to the worse terrorist organization on the planet before the same US and its allies claimed they are intervening in Syria to combat those same terrorists they sponsored, the same pattern in the past decades’ US interventions after ditching the direct invasions.

The Syrian law enforcement spokesperson noted in the above-mentioned statement that the security forces with the help of the locals, police, and army units are continuing with their ongoing search to clear the entire region previously infested by ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) of weapons, munition, and most importantly landmines.

However, hundreds of the remnants of ISIS terrorists continue to be protected by the illegal US military base in the Syrian Al Tanf at the cross-border junction with Iraq and Jordan from which these terrorists carry out their heinous attacks against the civilians in the southern region and across the Syrian open desert.

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    Imagine the PROGRESS nd our WORLD if, instead of using money ,equipment and people to MURDER other people, and destroy their property,we instead used the same,Money,Equipment and people for BUILDING, CREATING and IMPROVING LIFE?


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