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Terrorists Detonate Car Bomb near Police Station: 1 Officer Dead

Terrorists blew up a car outside the police station in Barzeh.

Terrorists remotely detonated a car bomb outside a polices station in Barzeh, north of Damascus, on Wednesday morning, 10 May.

Police officer Lieutenant Colonial Sharaf Muhannad Fendi Jadallah succumbed to his injuries since the Syrian law enforcement first issued the statement. Four others have been wounded. Details are not available at this time.

None of the al Qaeda factions has taken credit for this atrocity.

Last month saw a car explosion in the eastern Mezzeh neighborhood of Damascus that law enforcement believed to be prematurely detonated; two persons were hospitalized, and three vehicles were destroyed. It was also suspected to have been an assassination attempt.

Terrorists remotely detonated a vehicle in Damascus.

Terrorists of all factions – FSA, al Qaeda, Jaish al Islam, Jabhat al Nusra – have used the cowardly remote detonation of vehicles to slaughter every segment of the Syrian population since the launch of the NATO Spring against the Republic in March 2011.

Miri Wood

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  1. Roy

    I know that it’s hard to think of these people who are behind such things as these as children suffering from arrested development; American men are infamous such behavior as never being able to become true adults; being the descendants of Genghis Khan and the other Mongol hoards both before and after him, is hardly an excuse, I know, but if that’s all the god you have, but even atheists and grasshoppers have gods, whether they know it or not; but those who are capable of knowing, but still deny from the lack of any knowledge of love, are lost forever even to a secular god; for god is love and love is as god. So, just as they plant bombs and such, they even kill butterflies just for their beauty; even their doctors, no matter what their field are no more than angels of death. Not it helps anyone to know that; but if as a species this particular species cannot muster the courage to relegate these murderous children to the sidelines of society, instead of its rulers, it risks the damnation of the gods, even if god should be nothing more than a roll of the dice.


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