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Three Civilians Martyred 20 Others Injured in 3 Car Bombings in Qamishli

car bombings in Qamishli

A synchronized bombing with three vehicles in three different areas in the city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria, has led to the killing of 3 civilians and injuring 20 others.

All the bombings occurred in Al-Wahda Street in the center of the Qamishli city. The casualties were rushed to the hospital.

The bombings also caused material damage in public and private properties including shops and a number of cars.

Car bombing in Qamishli city
Qamishli City: Car bombings kill 3 civilians injure 20

Qamishli, which most parts of it remained under the control of the Syrian state throughout the years of the US waged War of Terror against the Syrian people, is witnessing terrorist attacks with a number of casualties among civilians as recent as last month due to an explosion of a Van car in the street of Munir Habib near Omari Restaurant in the city.

This video released by SANA of some of the injured who were taken to the hospital for treatment:

Syria is resisting the US-waged War of Terror for the past 8.5 years which involved over a hundred countries among which are superpowers and super-rich who combined efforts to create the World’s largest terror army and managed to defeat it with its people supporting their state and some of its allies starting to help starting three years after the war started.

The United States of America and its stooges claimed at the beginning it is promoting democracy and free speech in Syria by supporting all sorts of terrorist groups and later, after more than 8.5 years, showed its real intent from the beginning: It’s after oil and securing its minion Israel.

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