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Erdogan Using Government Establishments to Promote ISIS Ideology

Recep Tayyip Erdogan promote ISIS ideology in Turkey

Continuing on the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi ideologies, the Turkish pariah and caliph wannabe Erdogan is using Turkish state establishments to promote the ISIS school of thought.

SANA: A former veteran officer in the Turkish police disclosed that the Turkish President Erdogan is using the state establishments to distribute ISIS books which will lead to the creation of new generations of terrorists.

Ahmet Aela said in a video distributed by social media said: ‘Erdogan can communicate with many people using state’s funding and by brainwashing the people working in the public establishments, Erdogan using the twisted thoughts by promoting the twisted books.’

The Turkish retired officer who served for 25 years in the Turkish police added: ‘Erdogan is taking advantage of public establishments to distribute ISIS publications which are bought by the Turkish Ministry of Education, and these ISIS books are distributed to Turkish libraries with the Turkish state emblem on it.’

Ayla pointed to the authoritarian and repressive practices of the Erdogan regime against the Turks, he added: He said: “There is a great fear among Turkish citizens to write any tweet on social networking sites or raise their voice for fear of imprisonment.”

Events over the past years have demonstrated the involvement of the Erdogan regime and its government in supporting and financing armed terrorist organizations in Syria and other countries in addition to making Turkey a passage for the crossing of tens of thousands of terrorists coming from different countries of the world to Syrian territory.

Six and half years ago we detailed the schools Erdogan is using to graduate the radical generations who are loyal to him. Our colleague went inside one of their schools and joined their events. He was astonished by the amounts of money spent on these schools and the communities attached to it.

We tried to warn the Turks since that time about the danger of radicalizing their youngmen in these schools but it was useless, Turks think they’re somehow superior to Arabs, not sure how and why, but they wouldn’t listen. Now they end up with Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood party which he removed any heads that would compete with his absolute ruling and remained the party’s ‘chosen one’.

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