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Large Quantities of Weapons and Munition Left behind by Terrorists Found in Three Provinces

Weapons and munition left behind by terrorists in countrysides of Damascus Hama Daraa

Weapons and munition of all sorts in large quantities were discovered and seized by Syrian security authorities in the countrysides of Damascus, Daraa, and Hama.

Among the weapons and munition found were US-made TOW missiles, defensive and offensive grenades, mortars, tank shells, rifles including US-made NATO snipers and several Grad rockets. The security officers found a significant quantity of chlorine gas and toxic substances that are used to make chemical weapons.

The security officers made these findings in cooperation with the local residents who play an essential role in helping to secure their farms from dangerous items.

More in this report by SANA with English captions:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

A significant quantity of chlorine gas and toxic substances involved in the installation and manufacture of chemical weapons from the remnants of terrorist organizations have been seized today by the Syrian security authorities during the completion of its tasks to secure areas freed of terrorism in large quantities of weapons and ammunition in the countryside of Damascus, Daraa and Hama.

Through careful security monitoring and in cooperation with the residents, we have seized large quantities of weapons and ammunition, these include US-made TOW missiles and chemical weapons-making materials left over from the terrorists in the countryside of Hama, Damascus, and Daraa.

End of the English transcript.

This is part of the weapons we seized, including tank shells and B7, several boxes of assorted ammunition, we have machine guns and 37 and 57 cannon ammunition and we have mortars, anti-armor missiles, we have a number of grenade boxes including both defensive and offensive, tank binoculars, rifles including US-made NATO snipers and several Grad rockets.

The quantities of weapons and munition, chemical substances, medical supplies, food, and other stuff left behind by NATO terrorists in the areas they were occupying all over Syria can supply the national armies of two countries for several years.

The people under occupation of terrorist when they were in control were suffering shortages of food and medicine while the terrorists were piling them and selling them for very high prices to add further burden on the Syrian people, which made them more hated by the Syrian people who were helping the Syrian Arab Army locate the terrorists’ hideouts and dens.

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