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Perincek Confronting Anti-Syria Propaganda on Turkish Popular Talk Show

Turkish Perincek debate on Syria's Assad and Erdogan's policies

Dogu Perincek (Doğu Perinçek) is a Turkish politician and doctor of law who has been chairman of the left-wing nationalist Patriotic Party since 2015.

He is known for his Syria and Iran policies and his attitude against the US and Zionism’s harmful policies in our region.

We received this post and the video with the translation to English from Mr. İsmail Aydın as a contribution to our site, which we highly appreciate and thank him for it.

Mr. Perincek may be the reason Turkey and Syria are not at war yet, as he has been a key between Turkey and Syria to negotiate and solve their issues. Mr. Perincek has visited Damascus more than 2 times by the invitation of President Bashar Al-Assad, his party officials also attend many cultural and political public meetings in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Receiving a Turkish Delegation Mr. Perincek
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Receiving a Turkish Delegation Mr. Perincek

Russian officials admitted that if Perincek’s party did not help Turkey and Russia to settle, they would be at war in 2015 when Turkey shot down the Russian jet. This all explains his benefits to the Middle-East and to the policies of the Turkish government in Syria, he may be the reason Erdogan has started to change his attitude against the United States and Saudi’s like that.

In this video – from September 2018, Mr. Perincek counters those who believe in the US and Zionist propaganda, which is also popular in Turkey:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Again, we would like to thank Mr. İsmail Aydın for the contribution.

As Syrians, we wonder how, until today and after more than 8.5 years, there are still people who believe in the propaganda the Pentagon and all its agencies continue to push against our country and our people. How could any sane person be fooled so many times and for so long by the same parties who lied to enable their major crimes against humanity in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, just to name a few? Or they know the truth but money talks or an evil mentality controls them?

As for Erdogan and the crimes Turkey and the Turkish Army and ‘intelligence’ agencies committed against Syria, these will never be forgotten nor forgiven whatever they do to try to fix their crimes, continuing until today. There’s nothing in the world that can be done by those responsible for importing tens of thousands of extremist anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, arming them, training them, financing them then sending them into our country to kidnap, rape, slaughter, and maim Syrians and loot and destroy our country.

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