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Biden Occupation Forces Kill 3 Kids; Planted Mines Near ‘Base’

Illegal US Army base in Hasakah, Syria - file photo

Biden occupation forces murdered three children by planting landmines near the criminal, illegal U.S. military base in the Qasrak area of Tal Tamer, al Hasakah which is in Syria, which is not in the United States. These terrorists in the Levantine Republic have taken American exceptionalism to a new deep in depraved imperialism: The supremacist entitlement to ‘fortify’ the site of military occupation.

The Biden regime war criminals have come under sporadic attack by the resistance movement in Syria – locals who demand the right to eject the trespassing oil and food thieves, the criminals who protect and facilitate the crimes of both the armed insurrectionist SDF and ISIS terrorists.

From SANA:

Three children were martyred and two others were wounded in Tal Tamer town in a landmine explosion, planted by the US occupation in the vicinity of its base in Qasrak area, north of Hasaka city.

‘A landmine, planted by the US occupation forces to fortify their base, 20 km east of Tal Tamer in Hasaka countryside, went off near a group of children’, local sources told SANA.

The sources added that two children were killed and others were rushed to Tal Tamer hospital, as later a third child died succumbed to his injury, while the other two children are still in critical condition.

— Rafah al-Allouni/ Hala Zain

The latest in America’s carnage against Syria, comes shortly after President Biden declared he is running for re-election, to “finish the job” in the “battle for the soul of America.”

Biden looking for the soul of America.
Biden looking for the soul of America.

Miri Wood

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1 Comment

  1. Roy

    This “soul of America”, if it exists at all, is thoroughly saturated by evil demons such as Biden himself. Every morning lately I’ve waken to a churning sick stomach just from the thought of what Americans have become; there may not even be any ‘good’ people left in the US; this gut feeling that I already know that all all these people are already dead, just as dead as their hearts and souls, and I suppose that it will take all of Europe down into the grave with it. Maybe it’s the weather that causes these people to rot on the inside before it becomes noticeable on the outside; in short, these people here make me want to puke.
    But! You notice that the Ukrainians are laying down their arms? So, there may still be hope that someday these people may see the light of God, and therefore themselves.


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