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Al Hol Concentration Camp for Breeding ISIS; a CIA and Kurdish SDF Project

CIA ISIS ISIL breeding Al Hol concentration camp - Hasakah Syria مخيم الهول داعش الحسكة

Al Hol Concentration Camp in the Syrian northwestern province of Hasakah is one of two main camps run by the US army and its proxy terrorists, this one is run by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and the other is Rukban Concentration Camp run by an ISIS-affiliated group dubbed ‘Maghawir Thawra’ in the southeastern Syrian desert of Al Tanf.

Tens of thousands of families of ordinary Syrians displaced from their land herded into ‘safety’ from terrorist attacks find themselves later squeezed into a concentration camp with the families of no other than ISIS (ISIL) terrorists they fled from in the first place. Those families of ISIS terrorists, mostly hailing from other countries, continue to breed and raise the children they had during the high time of the so-called ISIS Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, children who were trained as ISIS young terrorists.

The following report by Mohammad Al Khodr for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel sheds more light on this US project in northeastern Syria:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, and Rumble.


The most dangerous camp in the world is located about 40 kilometers east of Al-Hasakah. Al-Hol camp recorded the killing of more than 106 people in 18 months.

A ticking time bomb represented by more than 55,000 detainees, some of whom are from families of ISIS, a danger within the nine overcrowded sectors of the camp and the entire region in light of the difficulty of security control for this group, including the so-called the ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’, who are the boys of the (ISIS) organization in addition to thousands of its women.

CIA ISIS ISIL breeding Al Hol concentration camp - Hasakah Syria مخيم الهول داعش الحسكة
Syria’s Tora Bora!

Ali Al-Jadaan – Member of the Syrian People’s Assembly: The camp contains thousands of ISIS families and the so-called cubs of the caliphate from ISIS, where they were at a young age and today they are young fighters capable of leading military operations. The camp also witnesses almost daily killings.

A danger that the Kurdish forces, especially the SDF, have warned of, but it is a warning that does not exceed media calls for treatment in light of the organized smuggling of dozens from inside it in exchange for money.

Observers say that the Kurdish Autonomous Administration is investing in keeping the camp to obtain political recognition from the countries with detainees inside it.

Muhammad Nader Al-Omari – Political Analyst: The beneficiaries of the survival of the Al-Hol camp are the SDF militias in the first place because they seek, through their communication with European countries that refuse to return their refugees and fighters in this camp, to achieve a political achievement by obtaining political recognition from these countries for the SDF militia.

Al-Hol camp includes refugees and detainees of 51 nationalities, most of them Iraqis. Baghdad has begun work to return them, while 8,000 people are distributed among more than 50 nationalities.

Three years have passed since the establishment of the al-Hol camp was enough to launch a serious treatment of the file of thousands of detainees inside it, but it is the political investment that has postponed until today the dismantling of this time bomb and making it capable of exploding every day.

Muhammad Al-Khodr, Damascus – Al Mayadeen.

End of the transcript.

Similarly, the Rukban concentration camp in the furthest southeastern Syrian desert at Al Tanf area on the joint borders with Iraq and Jordan, the US army maintains a large illegal military base with their proxies of Maghawir Thawra who also hold hundreds of Syrian families along with the families of terrorists in the worse inhumane conditions imaginable.

The Biden junta continues the war criminal policies of Trump, who, in turn, continued the Biden’s policies he established during his tenure as US Vice President under the Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama, the man known better for his drones, destruction of Libya, igniting the war in Syria, establishing ISIS in Iraq and ‘seeing it grow to threaten Damascus’ as to how his Secretary of State at the time John Kerry put it.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    People need to be reminded that thousands of innocent people are packed in these camps with larger numbers of families of terrorists especially from the ISIS, and that’s why there are so many murders within these camps, I feel very sorry for those innocent people herded into these camps thinking they escaped the terrorists to find themselves controlled by other terrorists.


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