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Syrian Security Seizes Thousands of Captagon Pills Heading to Jordan

Tens of thousands of captagon pills seized by the Syrian law enforcement authorities

Syrian law enforcement seized a large shipment of Captagon pills in a truck on the Damascus – Daraa highway heading to the Jordanian borders.

Law enforcement source in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency Sana said that one of the patrols stopped the truck on its way to be smuggled abroad and removed the stash of pills packed in plastic bags and hidden in an extra fuel tank in the truck.

The quantity seized, as per the law enforcement source, is estimated to be in tens of thousands of pills and were heading to Jordan, the source did not elaborate if they have information on whether the shipment’s end target was Jordan or the usual destination in Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest consumer of all sorts of narcotics, drugs, and hallucinating substances.

The smugglers were referred duly to the public prosecutor to be tried and receive their punishment, the law enforcement source concluded.

Syria applies capital punishment for drug dealers, smugglers, and manufacturers, there are much leaner punishments for addicts and consumers including rehabilitation.

Western mainstream media aligned with the US Pentagon in their constant efforts to demonize the Syrian state have falsely accused officials in Syria of producing captagon pills as a source of foreign currency with no evidence to back their stories except their own ‘moderate rebels’ sources, they fail to explain if officials in Syria do produce this substance, how the Syrian law enforcement feverishly track down, seize, and destroy enormous quantities over the past decade and have all the smugglers face the legal punishments including the death sentence?

On our site, Syria News, we have dozens of reports of similar arrests and confiscating of large quantities of captagon pills, and we have only reported a small number of these busts.

Captagon pills are the most sought-after cheap stimulating drug to keep the terrorists fighting and committing their horrific crimes with no remorse, it’s also one of their main sources of income selling to their wealthy clients abroad, especially in Saudi Arabia and including members of the Al Saud ruling family.

Prior to the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the country, Syria was ranked among the safest and narcotic-free countries in the whole world.

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1 Comment

  1. Miri

    Please note that unlike in some western countries, Captagon has never been legal in Syria, & as such has never been produced by the Syrian government.

    Additionally, prior to the NATO Spring, illicit Captagon use had been negligible in the country.


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