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Syrian First Family Visits Wounded Syrian Soldiers


Have you ever been visited by your president?  If you are Syrian, your president is President Assad, and yes, he will do this.  Two days before the New Year evening, on 29 December 2017, President Bashar Al-Assad, the beloved Syrian President, accompanied with Syrian First Lady Asmaa Al-Assad, and their kids, Hafez, Kareem and Zein, made their visits to some injured soldiers in Homs province and its countryside.

With his humble soul and pure heart President Assad, proves again that he is the brother of every Syrian soldier and the son of every Syrian father who lost a blessed martyr; moreover he is as the real father of the kids of those brave injured soldiers.

By coming along with his own children, to knock the door of the wounded soldiers’ houses and to say hello, my dears, how are you?  I’m here to reassure about your health.  I’m here to say Merry Christmas to you and to wish you a Happy New Year, he is sending a powerful message to his people to reassure them, that they are his family and their sacrifices are the reason for all of Syrians to survive this ugly and proxy war on Syria.

Syrian Commander in Chief takes family to visit the wounded soldiers, not to fancy golf courses. — comment of a Syrian. 

President Assad visited many wounded soldiers and families, in their homes. Michael Tannous, who was sustained injuries while defending the homeland, and that caused him disability rated at 100% and who is receiving treatment and care by the Jarih al-Watan program which has also helped him to reintegrate into the Syrian society.

The Syrian First Family visit Michael Tannous in his home.
Dr. Al-Assad with Michael Tannous, Syrian Arab Army soldier seriously wounded defending his country from foreign terrorists.

The Syrian First Family also Yasin Hwiri in Oum Hartin village in the countryside of Homs.  He sustained a spinal injury causing paraplegia while he was defending the homeland. Through Jarih al-Watan program, Hwiri has started a project, a household appliances shop [note the ending of this video, and imagine any western leader being surrounded by neighbors, or a US president driving his own car — ed.].

Dr. Al-Assad greets the father of wounded soldier, Yasin Hwairi.

Nabil Issac who also suffered a spinal trauma after being injured while performing his national duty and remained incapacitated for two years has been helped by Jarih al-Watan program which assisted him in continued physical therapy and he now manages to walk.

The Syrian First Family visits wounded Syrian veteran Nabil Issac. seated next to Dr. Al-Assad.

President al-Assad and his family also visited al-Mishtaya village in Homs where they met the injured Zakhour Sleit at his shop that he opened by the help of Jarih al-Watan program.

The Syrian First Family also visited wounded soldier Zakhour Sleit.

Without the west and its sponsored war on Syria, we wouldn’t have to face all this disaster of death, losing our beloved people, suffering from all these wounds! In addition to the worldwide sanctions on Syria and its people for nothing but for they chose to defend their homeland along with their blessed army, and president!

This army as you see are members from the Syrian families! Their pain is our pain , and their loss is our eternal pain. Every Syrian in Syria love to see and hug our president, especially those who sacrifice Syria, those who don’t own but their blood and soul to give for their homeland , the majority of our soldiers are contributed by humble, simple but native and generous families.  They are not rich by money, nor by properties , but they have the patriotic love to their homeland, the love to their people, and they defend this homeland by their souls, characters, and with their bodies.

The other message of these powerful visits of our President Assad to the houses of those soldiers is that he walked in the public streets surrounded by his people:  Adults, kids, older, and young ones — all want to hug the president!

Hugs and kisses for the Syrian First Family.


So the message to those from the other countries like the Wahhabi kingdom in Saudi Arabia or even those in the US and some European countries who non stop open their big mouths saying “Assad Must Go!” while they backed and armed mercenaries to murder Syrians, in addition to their unjust sanctions on our people! War and no medicine!

And they talk about “humanity”!

From Syria and with love to the people around the world those who care and feel for their brothers and sisters in humanity, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

— Afraa Dagher

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