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Iraqi Military Intelligence Upsets the USA Kills an ISIS ‘Prince’

ISIS in Syria and Iraq - USA CIA UK NATO Regime Change War of Terror

The Iraqi Military Intelligence operating in the city of Samarra northwest of Baghdad managed to kill a commander of ISIS in the city.

The ISIS ‘Prince’, not to be confused here with Eric Prince of Blackwaters, was an Iraqi called Saad al-Dallah.

ISIS ‘Prince’ was in charge of Al Kosh crossing east of Samarra and has been lured into an ambush in Al Duloiya east of the Samarra on the road to Baqubah.

Killing a top commander of ISIS by the Iraqi Military Intelligence with the help of the PMU (Popular Mobilization Units) upsets the US, and its UK poodle, efforts in destabilizing Iraq, at least by demonstrating the capabilities of the Iraqi forces to coordinate and carry out a delicate qualitative intelligence operation taking out an ISIS commander.

The Popular Mobilization Units have foiled a plot by ISIS to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack against the city of Al-Fallujah, which George W. Bush and Tony Blaire committed one of their most heinous crimes earlier.

The PMU in their operation against the ISIS group inflicted 43 losses among the ranks of ISIS killed and injured, a statement by the PMU confirmed.

Iraqi’s PMUs are constantly targeted by the US-led coalition and directly by the US regime for their remarkable efforts in cleaning Iraq and the Iraqi-Syrian borders from ISIS and other terrorist groups. This popular movement does not depend on the US for weapons, intel gathering or decision making, thus its operations against US-sponsored terrorist groups were very effective.

The war against US-sponsored ISIS in Iraq and Syria is escalating recently, especially after Trump’s announced of withdrawing troops from Syria and dumping them in Iraq, against the will of the Iraqi people and most of the politicians there.

Last Friday, the PMU in coordinating with the Syrian Arab Army and operating under the recently granted pre-approval by the Syrian state, targeted by artillery an ISIS gathering inside Syria causing the death and injury of 35 ISIS terrorists.

PMU’s commander Qassim Musleh in West Anbar province stated that the targeted ISIS terrorist group were preparing to carry out an attack inside Iraq from their Syrian posts.

The US-led coalition operating outside any mandate by the United Nations and against International Law protect ISIS gatherings in Syria, provide them with logistical support in addition to ‘mistakenly’ dropping them weapons and munition, in large quantities.

Syrian – Iraqi borders reopening to revive the economies of both countries is strongly opposed by the US and its cronies, therefore, the US officials at the ministry of war and terror aka the Pentagon rejected to carry out Trump’s orders to withdraw from Syria and instead, and out of nowhere, ISIS started attacking the US retreating troops in a blatant attempt to beg them to stay.

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