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600 Erdogan’s Nusra Front Terrorists Attack SAA Outposts in Eastern Idlib

image-ISIS, Nusra Front and FSA same groups of terrorists different names - Hama - Idlib - Aleppo - Latakia

Nusra Front, aka al-Qaeda Levant, carried out a number of large organized attacks against Syrian Arab Army outposts in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

The attacks, a blatant breach by Erdogan to his commitment in the Idlib Agreement signed last October, were in 3 waves to the west of Abu Dhohour Military Airport.

Nusra Front militias counted 600 split into three groups each group of 200 anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists used an array of heavy and medium weapons.

The vigilant and brave SAA units foiled all 3 attacks and inflicted large losses in men and equipment among the attackers.

The spokesman for the Russian Reconciliation center in Hmeimim Sergey Solomatin confirmed the attack and said the terrorists were using machine-guns-mounted vehicles.

The spokesman added that his center has contacted the Turkish side to inform them about this breach.

Nusra Front, Erdogan’s strongest arm among the terrorist groups operating in northwest Syria, has consolidated its powers in the province of Idlib and swallowed all other groups including the terrorist groups considered very loyal to Turkish president Erdogan like and once pledged to fight Nusra Front if they ever think of expanding in the province.

This latest attack spearheaded by Nusra Front had other terrorist groups among them in a clear sign that all these terrorist groups with its different names have only one maestro commanding it, and this Erdogan maestro, in turn, has his own maestro in the Pentagon.

The Syrian Arab Army has established a number of military posts in the area between Idlib, Lattakia, Hama and Homs provinces to protect the towns and villages and also to reopen the main highways connecting Syria’s major cities.

Nusra Front is designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations and by NATO member-states, but the business of massacring Syrians and destroying their country is more profitable for the ‘elected’ leaders of these countries to follow on their own commitments they obliged themselves to, publicly as they claimed, to fight terrorist groups like this and drain its finance resources.

The terrorist group has changed its name several time in an attempt to polish its image and avoid international public opinion outcry against the support it receives from its patrons, namely Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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  1. Great White

    I dont believe to the western lies anymore. The US and the US backed kurdish terrorist organizations are the the biggest threat in the Middle east. Pres. Erdogan does great job.


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