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Wahhabism in Syria – GRAPHIC

Wahhabism in Syria

Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic ideology invented by the Brits in early days of Al Saud in Arabia and used to distort the image of Islam and to kill Muslims and all enemies of Great Britain in the name of God.

There’s no worse than impoverishing whole communities then using their uneducated youth as killing machines in the name of a religion, something the Brits were best at in each country they invaded, the US empire with the anti-US elite ruling them has inherited this technique from the Brits and played it overtly with lots of propaganda and glare against its enemies everywhere it deemed ‘rich’. Divide and Conquer is the mean, brainwashed youths are the tools in the name of G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs).

What you are about to watch is horrible, gross, and un-thought of just 3 years ago in Syria, but it’s what the Syrians with their superheroic army and other armed forces are facing on daily basis (if you don’t see the play button just click on the image):

The above clip as it clearly states was taken by the terrorists after invading Al Kindi Hospital in the north of Aleppo, the hospital which was once the pride of cancer treatment in the region. SAA soldiers protecting the hospital refused to defect or surrender, they fought to the last man standing, they’re the men of Syria.

These enemies of Islam, Wahhabi soldiers of the anti-Christ with their financiers: the US, UK, and other western taxpaying citizens, their Saudi and Qatari financiers, their NATO (including Turkish Muslim Brotherhood junta) supporters are committing in the land of the oldest civilization on the planet. The land that gifted the world the Alphabet and that hosted all the refugees from all atrocities in the old world since the beginning of humanity until the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the Zionist Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006. From Iraq alone, Syria hosted 1.2 million Iraqis without complaining.

This was written on a wall in one of the towns infested by the Wahhabi ‘freedom fighters’:

‘We came to slaughter you Nusairis’ – and so they did.

Islam has explicitly prohibited any of the atrocities committed by these Wahhabis and their predecessors throughout history, the holy Quran is full of warnings to those who commit such atrocities, yet, these uneducated impoverished youth come to kill in the name of Islam, could be the exposure of heavy doses of drugs, most likely as the human being nature refuses such acts, and could be intense sessions of brainwashing, and could be both. Thinking of who has the ability and is proven to practice such acts, one comes to a conclusion that all these are played by a single group of evil powers combined to benefit from the killing and suffering of others.

Worth noting that the above video clip was posted on one of the official channels of Al Qaeda on YouTube and tweeted on their official channel on Twitter and shared on their official page on Facebook. If we share the same on any of those social media platforms we would have our accounts suspended due to posts against their ‘community standards’, and it did happen with all of the Syrian activists we know, one of which was recently a fast-growing page on Facebook: Syrian Perspective, who had to open their second page:; even LiveLeak censored the video!!

Even LiveLeak censored this Video to benefit who?

Must check who supports these criminals: McCain the Kidnapper.

Meanwhile on Twitter & YouTube:

One of Al Qaeda accounts on Twitter One of Al Qaeda accounts on Twitter Wahhabis from Al Qaeda promoting their killing ideology on YouTube

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  1. Chris

    آي،،،آي ،،،كبروا ياعرصىات كبروا لنشوف شو راح يفيدكون هل الرب الأعوج بالنهاية يا عراعير هههههههه

    ولك تفووووووو ألاف المرات على هل الرب الذي تكبروا له و تحمدوه يا جرذان إرهابية و يا عرصات حلب و أمثالكم من الداخل و الخارج
    و أقول لكم يا أيها الإرهابين الجرذانية الجبانة و جميع داعمينكون من الأعراب الصهيو نعاجية و آكرر،،، تفووو على أكبرإله و ألف تفوووو على تكبيركم يا عباد الشياطين و أينو الله هدا هل بتنددوا به و ألف خرا عليه إذا كان هيك متلكون يا أولاد القحبة و لا أستثني منكم و من نعاجكم أحداً..
    (( و فعلاً تستحقوا هذا القول )) يا أيها الجرذان الإرهابية القذرة أين من كنتم و أين ما وجدتم ،،و جميع مشايخكم المنافقين عباد الشياطين و حلافائكم الأعراب النعاجية عبيد الإستعمار و الصهيونية إبتدائاً من العاهرين إلى سعود و الخسيس العاهر الأردني و القذرة القطريين ذوي عبايات قشر الموز و الأتراك الغدارين العثمانيين و إخوان الشياطين ،،، فيا أيها العملاء و يا أولاد القحبة ولا أستثني منكم أحداً على الإطلاق نقول لكم و نكرر ،،،،
    أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أشهد بأنكم و نعاجكم و بعيركم و صهيونياتكم و محمدكم و عقيدتكون و نكاح جهادكم أعداء و شياطين الله،،، فيا أهل المجوس و النجوس و يا ياهود خيبر الخونة و حسالة الآمم فأشهد بأن قرضكم و تدويبكم بالأسيد فرضاً و هوا فرض منه تعالى علينا جميعاً و من أهم و أكبر الواجبات على كل شعوب الأمم الأبية،، و أشهد بأن إسلامكم المزيف و نفاقكم أسواء ما شاهدته الأمم و الشعوب من بداية التاريخ و لحد الأن و هوا أسواء و أكثرا نفقا و إجراماً بما نزل ..

  2. rie

    2014 greeting the New Year

    I was watching here every day. Yet, you had to pause here this site? .
    Posture of immobility, and continues to support in the same way as you and Syria.


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