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Syrian Armed Forces Evacuate Hundreds of Families from Adra

Adra Massacre - Another Black Stain in the Humanitarian Bastards" Register

Anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists sponsored by western powers committed horrible crimes against humanity in Adra Workers Residential District north of Damascus city, the Syrian Armed Forces encircled the city and had to carry out surgical operations to eradicate the terrorist groups from the city and managed to open a passage that let hundreds of families out.

The following video clip shows side of the evacuating, these families lived the horror while other parts of the world were celebrating Christmas and new year eve at the coldest season in Syria and during one of the strongest storms called Alexa (watch on YouTube).

And the suffering continues with the money and sponsorship of the ‘humanitarian bastards’.

Adra Massacre – Another Black Stain in the Humanitarian Bastards’ Register

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