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Terrorists in Idlib Blocking Humanitarian Aid Distribution, Russian Diplomat

United Nations Security Council - Syria

The terrorists in Idlib are hindering the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2585 in regard to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the needy in the Syrian province of Idlib, the Russian mission to the United Nations stated.

Mr. Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations stated during a meeting of the UNSC that ‘the delivery of humanitarian aid to Idlib, which is controlled by terrorists, in the absence of distribution mechanisms, is a source of concern for Russia.’ Mr. Polyanskiy pointed to the latest distribution of humanitarian aid in Idlib coming from Aleppo, it was sent back in August, four months ago.

The Russian diplomat expressed his country’s concerns in regards to what is going on in Idlib which is under the control of terrorists who suppressed all life aspects of the Syrians living there including the freedom of movement.

Instead of exerting pressure to end this blatant ludicrous UNSC resolution 2585 dubbed ‘Al Qaeda lifeline‘, the Russian diplomat called for only further UN control over the delivery of the humanitarian aid. Mr. Polyanskiy does not see that the international organization is controlled by NATO member states and their stooges, the voting in favor of this UNSC resolution by Russia and China, the other two permanent member states of the UNSC, voted in favor of extending the suffering of the tens of thousands of Syrian families in the forgotten Syrian province which NATO officials call ‘the last stronghold of Al Qaeda’.

SARC Delivers Food Baskets and humanitarian aid in Daraa Countryside
SARC Delivers Food Baskets in Daraa Countryside – facilitated by the Syrian state December 12, 2018

During the same meeting, the Syrian representative reiterated Syria’s stance in facilitating the work of the United Nations bodies tasked to implement the UNSC Resolution 2585, reminding the deaf members of the council of the continuous blocking of the resolution by the Turkish regime and its terrorist tools in Idlib.

We do not see adequate diplomatic activities and deliberations of the Syrian mission at the United Nations to express the Syrian people’s situation, suffering, and sacrifices since the charismatic former Syrian Ambassador Dr. Bashar Jaafari was promoted to Deputy Foreign Minister and moved back to Damascus. Dr. Jaafari brought the attention of the whole world to the reality of events in Syria with his remarkable debates out of his vast knowledge and experience of international law, the history of aggression of NATO member states, and the respect he gained among all the representatives of the international organization including the enemies of humanity who would not dare to face him in many occasions during UNSC meetings and would flee from the hall when he speaks.

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